Robson Grant

Robson Grant is and Freelance Virtual Assistant & Life Enthusiast born in Scarborough, (Toronto), Ontario, Canada in 1962. A published poet with works including “Door To Decision” (PG 48) featured in Passions in Poetry, anthology of poetry, Visions on the Web published 2001 and ‘Friend’ (PG 3) #29 in Top 100 Best Friendship Poems as voted by more than 179,000,000 visitors. Here’s my poetry 2Ponder.

I drove a Leopard C1 Main Battle Tank and flew a Schweizer 2-33A Fixed Wing Glider while stationed at Canadian Forces Base Borden, Ontario, Canada in 1981. After 8 years in the regular forces achieving the rank of Corporal in the Air Force, Trained L5 Instrument Electrical Technician, having an adventurous spirit, I decided to become a professional Truck Driver for 19 years, driving coast to coast across North America for over two million miles including pulling two 53 foot trailers “Turnpike Doubles”, a total 41 metres (134.5 feet) in length (video) while living in western Canada. Then as an Ice Road Trucker across frozen lakes and rivers on the ice roads including the Mackenzie River to the North West Territories in northern Canada. I got my first truck driving licence (military) on a M35 “Deuce-and-a-half”. My CB Handle: “Road Chaser”.

“As a Business Virtual Assistant and Freelance Digital Marketer, I love working from home and sharing my success with others. After almost 20 years out on the road as a professional trucker, the extra time and freedom of telecommuting from my home office is a dream come true.”

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"If you expect the best, you will be the best." - Norman Vincent Peale