30 Second Happiness Technique

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30 Second Happiness Technique
With all of the negativity in the news and around the world, depression and stress has become a worldwide epidemic.

Unfortunately, so many of us handle these factors the completely wrong way. By changing our mindset in the simplest of ways and understanding the true source of happiness, we can take just 30 seconds to completely alter our state and instantly become happier.

Anthony Gucciardi shares the technique of ‘inner value’ that takes less than 30 seconds per day to instantly raise your happiness — a building block that can be used in your life to feel better daily.

Anthony shares his own struggle with depression and explains how he has spent hundreds of hours researching ‘what makes the brain tick when it comes to happiness’, and the answers he has found from talking to the experts.

It’s not a gimmick or a trick — it’s a building block of true happiness. It’s important that you watch the video below and take this step today:

The difference between ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ happiness is very crucial, and as Anthony explains, is very central to the theme of true happiness. Most people will attempt to draw happiness from ‘outside’, but this technique of ‘filling the void’ does not work well in the long term.

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This is Anthony Gucciardi and I have a
really important video for you on a
subject that is one of the most powerful
and that is being happy because at the
end of the day that is so extremely
important and a lot of us aren’t happy a
lot of us are still struggling with
overcoming the negativity that is
hitting us on a daily basis and I want
to share with you a 30 second technique
that I estimate it will take you 30
seconds to actually do this to instantly
become happier and to add value into
your life and this is not BS this is not
sensationalism we’re going to understand
the building blocks of it I’m going to
give this technique I want to talk about
value for a minute you’re going to hear
me using that word a lot in this video I
want to talk about internal versus
external value and I want to talk about
how to actually achieve happiness
because I’ve talked to the experts I’ve
probably spent 500 hours just on this
subject looking into it myself not
including writing about it and doing
interviews on it so to be clear internal
versus external value is everything here
it’s the most important thing about
achieving what you could call happiness
and it all has to do with living
passionately and I’ve suffered from
really just being depressed for years
because of all the horrible things that
have continued to happen in our world
and all of the people that are so
sinister but ultimately I understand
this principle and that’s what keeps me
going and that’s why I’m making a video
here on a Sunday because I actually gain
value from this I gain passion and I
gain happiness from doing these things
and helping people I’m going to share
with you how I do that
so specifically let’s talk about
internal versus external or external
value and approval so let’s take for
example a child who wants a candy bar at
a grocery store and he’s pleased I want
that candy bar but making a fuss out of
it right he’s going to get that candy
bar if the parents don’t understand
external versus internal value and it is
a kid I understand and they’re going to
give him that candy bar and he’s going
to eat the candy bar it’s full of crap
it’s going to make him feel worse and
he’s going to get that external value
and external approval for about 5
minutes now let’s take that to adult
form right let’s talk about
relationships for a minute a lot of
people are in terrible relationships or
have no relationships so they get all of
their value and their approval from
their potential partner so let’s talk
about if you’re on the street and you
see a pretty girl
or if you’re a woman you see a pretty
guy or whatever you go up and handsome
guy hopefully and you go up and you
start chatting them up hey how are you
what are you doing and they give you
instant approval with not much wow
you’re really funny you’re really
interesting blah blah blah that is the
purest form of external approval that is
basing your happiness and your value on
someone else if you care so much about
that and so many people do it’s okay
we’re going to learn the difference and
again this is not just from me this is
what I’ve learned from so much research
talking to people that I won’t even put
out on this video because they and again
this isn’t just me talking this is what
I’ve learned from the experts and we’re
going to get into the specifics so
you’re getting value a lot of the times
from other people or other sources
television junk food internet
pornography internet surfing internet
garbage whatever Internet is a great
thing but a lot of the times you can
waste your day on there or other people
your peers approval so and so’s approval
people’s approval right the public’s
approval so many people can’t even speak
in front of an audience because they’re
more afraid of it than dying that’s
actually a real statistic a real poll so
all these approval factors in these
value factors go into determining who
you are who you are as a person and how
you value yourself are you even
important to yourself and when you allow
external value to dictate an external
approval to dictate yourself and your
value and your impersonation of this
person that you say is yourself
what happens is you become depressed if
you don’t get it but really what’s
happening is you’re depressed because
you are not having internal value and
you’re not giving things so specifically
what I’m talking about I’ll give you a
great example
is if there was an old woman having a
heart attack across the street right
say you’re in town somewhere and across
the street old woman is having a heart
attack help me help me help me and you
rush across the street and you
accidentally bump into somebody okay and
they say hey screw you you just bumped
into me you jerk you know they start
yelling at you do you really Carrie
you’re busy you got to go save woman
having a heart attack do you really care
what this guy has to say about you
bumping into him of course not you don’t
care but if you’re walking down the
street on an average day or if something
bad just happened someone just said you
got fired or something and someone
pushes you hey get out of my way you
jerk don’t run into me all you might go
ballistic you might have a total
meltdown right you notice the difference
the first one you’re living with purpose
in that moment you’re trying to help
that old woman in the second one you
feel like you have no purpose and you’re
going to be affected by everything and
this doesn’t necessarily mean there’s
some magical law of the universe of your
thoughts it actually has to do with the
fact that you give yourself value or
purpose right so instead of pulling all
these things in just like a black hole a
massive black hole sucking in all of
this stuff a candy the television the
consumer items whatever you’re doing on
a daily basis for approval you need to
be pushing out and giving you need to be
giving things you need to be giving
yourself out there through a number of
ways I’ll give you some examples right
now social media is the new media and
when you share something out you can
feel good about it
when you share something powerful like
this video or my work on Monsanto or
other people’s work on Monsanto or share
a Tony Robbins video just get some
passion going in people’s lives and that
is adding value to something that’s not
pulling in all the values stealing all
these people’s value that is not adding
value when you attack people that are
trying to do good that is not adding
value that is stealing value from other
people to fill a void but pushing value
out into the world such as sharing
content or knowing that you have a bunch
of old clothes
your closet that you want to give away
to a nonprofit organization it’s
actually real that’s giving value and
that’s powerful stuff that is really
really giving yourself value not I’m
what this would be an inspirational
video I don’t want this to be negative
video and I understand there’s a lot of
negativity out there this is how you
escape all that you live with passion
you’re on a concrete road you have a
path and you know that no matter what
you’re doing you’re going to save that
old lady from the heart attack you’re
going to do something purposeful in your
life and not err it’s hitting you it
doesn’t matter it does not matter so you
want to have 30 seconds every single day
this is so so simple everyone can do it
it’s not even a minute take 30 seconds
it takes five seconds to share something
on Facebook so it’s even less than 30
seconds if you actually share something
out on Facebook if you share this video
if you share something else that makes
you passionate and empowers you that is
literally giving yourself value if you
go into your closet and take thirty
Seconds to inspect the old clothes that
you don’t wear anymore you put them in a
bag and you personally deliver them to
Goodwill or the Salvation Army and say
hey I want to see where this is going
what does this do you’re giving value
out and you’re letting your internal
brain you’re amazingly powerful brain
understand that you’re giving value and
you’re giving your life purpose because
so many people are suicidal they want to
kill themselves and they don’t care and
they’re depressed and they say that life
doesn’t matter it’s because they don’t
give anything they just take and take
and take and take all those people sadly
and trust me I’ve been there I have been
there I was just taking and taking and
taking and saying I deserve this I’m so
sad you know all these things are
happening to me just doing horrible
things and making mistakes and not
realizing that all I had to do was give
push it out instead of pulling in all
the stuff like a black hole and you know
what else happens I want to do a whole
separate video on this this is impromptu
you little session when you get upset
what do you do you don’t stand up tall I
am proud I just got fired from my job
you go a desk you get all depressed and
angry and your muscles get off tighten
you push forward like a bulldog right
like what does a dog do when you go hey
get out and start go up with a stick or
something go just and I’m going to stand
up and show you your entire body tenses
up like that and you’re so as muscle
which goes in here it’s a huge muscle
goes throughout your hips and everything
it gets super super tight and you know
what the psoas muscle is that is spelled
it’s the fight-or-flight muscle and when
your fight-or-flight muscle gets tight
you’re in a constant state of anxiety
its precondition programming your
conditioning your body to tense up and
get stressed out and get mad and uh and
every other things affecting me and in
my coffee was too hot so here so as its
tightening up and your traps then are
tightening up your neck is getting hurt
I have neck problems because my soaz is
so tight and you’re physiologically
ruining your body you’re mentally
ruining your body and you’re just you’re
not living with a purpose at that point
right so now I understand making this
video makes me feel better adds value to
me sharing things out and doing all the
things I do that adds value to my life
and you can do it too you can you don’t
have to create you just help share and
help give and help empower people and
that I promise will carry depression in
30 seconds 30 seconds making a decision
to thank someone to share some stuff to
be grateful to be happy be nice all
these things Harvard has shown that if
you just smile like this huh a big fake
smile it instantly cures your depression
for that moment like it’s instant
because all we’re doing is dopamine
surfing we’re just rushing for dopamine
that’s why people are addicted to
pornography and watch it fifty five
times a day because just dopamine rush
over and over again so they’ll have to
think about anything it’s like a drug
everything drugs give you double mean
that’s why people are addicted to drugs
because it gives you the dopamine rush
you don’t to care about anything now I
just wanted to touch on this and I
wanted to share this with you because it
is it is the secret to happiness and
I’ve listened to 50 billion podcasts
about this this is all what it boils
down to from doctors from people like
Tony Robbins it all comes down to this
kernel of 30 seconds can you take 30
seconds out of your day to decide how
you’re going to give value today and you
will instantly be happier I want you to
email me and I want you to put it in the
comments and I want you to tell me what
you did and I want you to tell me how
you felt about it and
it made you happy because it does and I
want you to share with us what you’re
doing because when you share things like
that it cultivates this good mindset and
you can’t control what Monsanto is doing
and what goldman sachs are doing you
cannot control all that you can control
your cerebral cortex you can control
your brain valve and you can live with
purpose and not let anything hit you
because you’re wearing a big chunk of
armor and when you tighten up like that
as everyone doesn’t I see it every
single day that soaz gets so tight and
you have physiological problems for the
rest of your life and I have them too
I’m the one also working through this
that’s why it’s so powerful to me and
that’s why I’m so invested in learning
more about this so I’m Anthony Gucci
already and I encourage you to really
listen to this and listen to it again
listen to it for a second time a third
time a fourth time and actually take 30
seconds out of your day as a building
block because there’s going to be more
videos about this to more chip more tips
and everything as a building block take
30 seconds out of your day and decide
what you’re going to do to give value
instead of pulling you’re gonna push
value I’m Anthony Gucci Rd thank you for
watching and I do want you to email me I
do want you to comment what you’re going
to do with these 30 seconds and trust me
it really does work


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