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What Are Backlinks?

Backlinks are incoming links to a website or web page. Inbound links were originally important (prior to the emergence of search engines) as a primary means of web navigation; today their significance lies in search engine optimization (SEO). The number of backlinks is one indication of the popularity or importance of that website or page (for example, this is used by Google to determine the PageRank of a webpage). Outside of SEO, the backlinks of a webpage may be of significant personal, cultural or semantic interest: they indicate who is paying attention to that page.

In basic link terminology, a backlink is any link received by a web node (web page, directory, website, or top level domain) from another web node. Backlinks are also known as incoming links, inbound links, inlinks, and inward links.

Search engines often use the number of backlinks that a website has as one of the most important factors for determining that website’s search engine ranking, popularity and importance. More Info

Posting comments on high page rank blogs and forums is an excellent way to build authority backlinks.

Note: Make sure the comment box has a URL/website field before you spend a lot of time crafting the perfect comment. Please DO NOT SPAM!!! Always post natural comments that ADD VALUE! You can complement (or in some cases Disagree with) the author. Be creative!
Your goal: Ten (10) high-quality inbound links from high-authority .coms, .orgs, .edus and .govs.
If you do it right, 10 links is all it takes!

Use the “Authority Codes” To Find Quality “Linkable” Sites In Your Market

Below you will find a list of the 12 “Authority Codes” that we use to locate high-quality inbound links. Simply select and copy each of the codes below while adding your “KEYWORD” into the Google search: inurl:blog “post a comment” -”comments closed” -”you must be logged in” “ADD YOUR KEYWORD inurl:blog “post a comment” -”comments closed” -”you must be logged in” “ADD YOUR KEYWORD inurl:blog “post a comment” -”comments closed” -”you must be logged in” “ADD YOUR KEYWORD inurl:blog “post a comment” -”comments closed” -”you must be logged in” “ADD YOUR KEYWORD “powered by expressionengine” “ADD YOUR KEYWORD “powered by expressionengine” “ADD YOUR KEYWORD “powered by expressionengine” “ADD YOUR KEYWORD “powered by expressionengine” “ADD YOUR KEYWORD “Powered by BlogEngine.NET” inurl:blog “post a comment” -”comments closed” -”you must be logged in” “ADD YOUR KEYWORD “Powered by BlogEngine.NET” inurl:blog “post a comment” -”comments closed” -”you must be logged in” “ADD YOUR KEYWORD “Powered by BlogEngine.NET” inurl:blog “post a comment” -”comments closed” -”you must be logged in” “ADD YOUR KEYWORD “Powered by BlogEngine.NET” inurl:blog “post a comment” -”comments closed” -”you must be logged in” “ADD YOUR KEYWORD

The top four codes are designed to locate WordPress blogs that allow for commenting. The middle group is designed to find Expression Engine blogs, and the bottom group is designed to find BlogEngine blogs.

Expression Engine and BlogEngine are both popular among academics and some government agencies for some reason, which is why we like to focus on those in additional to WordPress.

For .coms, try to find news and information sites, and avoid heavily commercial sites as they aren’t valued as heavily by Google…
For .orgs, look for relevant association blogs. (Google LOOOOOOVES associations, and they’ll pass some of that love onto you if you can get a link.)
For .govs and .edus you don’t really need to worry about the content on the site. The domain extension alone is enough to show authority in the eyes of Google. (Remember, not just anyone can get a .gov or .edu domain extension and Google knows that.)

How to get PR 9 Backlinks Instantly : How to get backlinks?

Go to > Forums > Register.

After you complete the registration process do this.

Go to forums home page where you will find the thread of “Your WordPress”

Enter to the thread and post like “This is my new wordpress blog , kindly share your feedback on how to improve”. Don’t forget to replace to or you can simply comment on a current thread. Please don’t spam!

That’s it!

2. : How to get backlinks?

This is PR9 forum. Go to

Use signature for your backlinks. Make some post. Don’t spam.

That’s it!

3. : How to get an Adobe backlinks?

Go to > Register.

Don’t forget to make your links in profile. Make some useful post in the forums. Don’t spam!

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 Ping Your Comments So Google Finds Your Links

Once you’ve generated your 10 high-quality inbound links, the next step is to “ping” those pages so Google knows to come and spider your link.
In case you don’t know, a “ping” is nothing more than a call-out to the Internet that a particular webpage has been updated. These “call-outs” tell search engine spiders (like Google) to come back to the page and spider it for new content and outbound links (like the ones you just created).

There are literally hundreds of pinging services out there, but the two I use are:
Pinging a page is incredibly simple…

All you have to do is:
1. Copy the URL of the page you commented on into the “Website/URL” field…
2. Give it a title (a brief summary of your content is good, or if you want to play it ultra-safe just enter the name of the site)…
3. Select a category (not necessary but it doesn’t hurt)…
4. Choose your ping services (I just select them all)…
…click the “Submit” button and you’re done!
Once you’ve pinged the pages you’ve commented on, you’re done!

Within a few hours (or possibly just a few minutes), Google will spider the site you commented on, find your link and give your page credit for a high-quality in-bound link.
Once all 10 links are found by Google and credited to you (which shouldn’t take more than a few days), you should start to see your site climbing in the rankings.
And depending on the competitiveness of your market, that could be all it takes to make it onto the first page for your desired keyword…
…assuming you structure your site properly, have the right amount (and type) of content and drive adequate human activity .

Without links, no one will ever find your site.

To get people to visit your website, you need to place some sort of link pointing to your website, somewhere, somehow. This is how the search engines find your site, through the use of links. Search engines spiders will follow these links to find out what your site is all about before indexing your website into the search engines. One of the most important reasons for link building is that search engines put a high priority on links. It will be one of the deciding factors on how your site will rank in the search engines. The search engine’s algorithm basically lingers around the link popularity of your website. Link popularity is the number of links and what type of links are pointing to your website.

“Search Engine Optimization now revolves around link building”. Inbound Links make your website stand out prominent in the SERPs. In today’s SEO world, more than 95% of the focus is on building quality backlinks.

Get complete detailed information about quality and quantity of backlinks pointing to your website and your competitors website! It will show you “anchor” text, pagerank, total outbound links on that page, and nofollow flag for each of your inbound link available.

Backlink Watch

Other Backlinking Tools

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