How Ice Ages Happen

How Ice Ages Happen

The Milankovitch Cycles Video Transcript Over Earth’s long history, there have been dramatic changes to our climate. The Ice ages have come and gone. And what’s surprising is that there’s a strong pattern that explains why Ice Ages happen when they do. This is called the Milankovitch cycle. Named after Milutin Milankovic, his theory explains … Read more

30 Second Happiness Technique

With all of the negativity in the news and around the world, depression and stress has become a worldwide epidemic. Unfortunately, so many of us handle these factors the completely wrong way. By changing our mindset in the simplest of ways and understanding the true source of happiness, we can take just 30 seconds to … Read more

The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem

The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem

The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem Audiobook VIDEO TRANSCRIPT hello my purpose in this program is to identify the most important factors on which self-esteem depends if self-esteem is the health of the mind then few subjects are comparable urgency the turbulence of our times demand strong selves with a clear sense of identity competence and … Read more

Managers Can Avoid Wasting Time

Although this Harvard Business Review publication *Managers Can Avoid Wasting Time* was originally published on May 1982 Using this four-part strategy, managers can do a great deal to infuse zest into the way they respond to anxiety-provoking job requirements at the same time they introduce work-planning and control disciplines that minimize the chances of their … Read more

Who Built The Matrix

  Video Transcript hey there’s Garth Ike is the living proof that good voices are not genetic because he don’t get it from me I’ve been known to clear a room with karaoke ah okay ah we’re going to go to some strange places now this is Christian early judeo-christian early if we can really … Read more

Universal Wisdom Unveiled

I have a moral obligation to bring this information to your attention. This is THE MASTER KEY to UNLOCK all of the LOCKS, to all of the DOORS on all of the CAGES in this PRISON (if it’s accepted). You can either learn it and become enlightened or ignore it and stay ignorant. Knowledge and ignorance are the same … Read more