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We hope you enjoy your LastPass Free Software + Semi-Automated Free Classified Advertising System.

LastPass + Backpage

Step #1.


Download LastPass

The last password you’ll have to remember. LastPass is a password manager that makes web browsing easier and more secure.

How To Use LastPass Screencasts

Step #2

Create one or more Free Gmail accounts. It is recommended that you only post up to 75 ads per day for 1 Gmail account. If you want to post more then simply logout of your Backpage account and create another one with a new Gmail account and post another 75 and so on.

Get FREE Gmail by Google

*This system works with other free classified ad sites. Unfortunately Backpage was allowing illegal activities to be posted on their website and has been closed by the FBI.

Step #3

Bookmark the Backpage Central Signup & Login page.

Backpage Central

Signup for one or more Backpage account. (requires unique Gmail accounts for each BackPage account)

Step #4

Bookmark the Backpage start page.

Backpage Start

Step #5

View setup video below.

Tutorial Update

During the video above, I suggest to select “I don’t want to receive any email inquiries.” Or you can choose to get spammed. 😉 lol
Also I recommend that you select the radio button beside “No, do NOT show links to my other postings.” This will help prevent your ads from being flagged for over posting.


Backpage Tutorial Update

Step #6

Create and post hundreds of free classified ads on Backpage using the tools and ad samples on the following pages and enjoy more sales and signups. The key to effective advertising is consistancy and split-testing. Be creative and think outside of the box while creating your ad titles.

The great thing about Backpage is that your ads are autorenewed after 30 days! After 30 days, you will receive an email notification inviting you to renew your ads and you won’t be required to enter a captcha code.

This system generates a perpetual source of free recurring advertising.

Also see the following pages in our Resources section.

Classified Ads
Article Marketing

Important TIPS:

Backpage supports standard HTML so you can embed images into your free classified ads! Remember, a picture is worth a 1000 words.

You may use the HTML code examples below as a reference for your free classified ads. I highly recommend that you host your own images on

You MUST change the LINKS in the following example then simply copy and paste the HTML code into the Description/Value field.

If you get a warning message that you are attempting to post a duplicate ad, simply edit your LastPass Fill Form Profile(s) and change the titles.

Graphic Ad Examples – Alternately, you may right click and download each image and host them yourself. Please note, this system will work with any image linked to any website.

Please be creative with your ad titles.

Click on the link below for an example of HTML code that you can use to embed images in your ads. 



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