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Search Engine MarketingAll search engine optimization (SEO) starts with great content.

The first step to generate more website traffic is to create engaging content that others will want to share.

Blog posts that provide solutions, share valuable resources, entertain and demonstrate unique innovation or even create controversy can all generate viral traffic. Average content won’t cut it. It needs to be OUTSTANDING!

One of my personal favorite, valuable resources is a free browser add-on that includes a cool form filler feature that helps to automate the process of posting free classified ads. The benefit of free advertising is clear, especially if you’re just getting started or if you are working with a small advertising budget.

LastPass, “the last password you’ll have to remember”, is a password manager that not only makes web browsing easier and more secure, I have developed an innovative way to use it to semi-automate the process of posting free classified ads.

Here are the simple steps to install and setup my free classified ad system. using LastPass.

1. Open your browser, and navigate to At the homepage, click on the “Free Download LastPass” button, their website will most likely auto-detect and recommend the correct version for your current browser.

2. Choose your OS (operating system) version and follow the prompts. Once you have your new browser add-on installed, you will see a new silver star on the right hand corner of your browser toolbar menu.

3. Next, click on the LastPass icon (silver star icon) and enter your master password to login.

4. Once the icon’s background changes color from black to red (means you are logged in), click on your LastPass silver star icon again, then hover over “Fill Forms” in the menu and select “Add Profile”.

5. Enter a “Profile Name” of your choice. (you may use your ad title)

6. In the Add Profile window, click on the “Custom Fields” tab.

7. Add your Text values to correspond with the proper classified ad submission form which may differ for every free classified ad site.

For this example, I’ll use

Enter the following data in the appropriate form fields:

Text Fields

Text Field #1: Title
Text Field #2: Description
Text Field #3: Location

Value Fields

Value Field #1: [enter your ad title]
Value Field #2: [enter your ad body]
Value Field #3: [enter your location]

Alternate Text Fields

Alternate Text Field #1: Leave blank
Alternate Text Field #2: Leave blank
Alternate Text Field #3: Leave blank

You may add additional form fields as required by each specific free classified ad site.

Also some free classified ad sites accept HTML within the description/body field so you can really jazz up your ads with clickable images! Remember… a picture is worth a thousand words!

7. Once you have entered your data, click on the “Ok” button to save your new profile.

8. Sign up for one or more free classified ad sites and start posting free classified ads to your hearts content!

Please note, once you are all setup, you must right click in the first form field box on the page where you are wanting to post your add. This will activate and reveal the automatic LastPass notification bar at the top of your browser window. You may then select one of your custom profiles that you have set up in order to quickly fill in your ad details with one click.

For a complete video tutorial, visit my Free Classified Ad System page.

Important Tip: You will want to create  and rotate several profiles (ads) in order to avoid getting an error message notification that you are attempting to post duplicate ads. In addition, I have found it best to also skip states instead of attempting to post in every city within a state.

Enjoy & Prosper!

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