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Please Learn To Build YOUR OWN List
Always be CANSPAM | CASL Compliant!

Email Marketing

It’s Why The BIG Gurus Always Say…
“The Money Is In The List”
It All Starts By Building A Double Opt-In List!

One of the golden rules of marketing is “The money is in the list”.  The money is not in innovation. It’s not in products. It’s not in services.

Email is the absolute center of the Internet universe!

You have to have an email address to sign up for Twitter, Facebook, or any of Google’s services and there is no indication this will change any time soon.

Value of Email Marketing

How effective is email marketing?

What’s the statistic?

The National Sales Executive Association conducted a survey that showed that the number of sales a person made depended upon how many times the prospect was contacted. The statistic shows that most sales are made between the 5th and the 12th contact.

Here’s the data the NSEA compiled:

2% of sales are made on the 1st contact.
3% of sales are made on the 2nd contact.
5% of sales are made on the 3rd contact.
10% of sales are made on the 4th contact.
80% of sales are made on the 5th – 12th contact!

If you’re simply driving traffic to your site and you have no follow-up mechanism, you may be losing 98% of your sales!

An autoresponder is a web or desktop based computer program that automatically answers e-mail sent to it and can follow-up and market to your prospects on autopilot.

Get Aweber Email Marketing


Please be aware that spam complaints are getting worse across on the internet and spam complaints may not only get your Affiliate Marketing account suspended they can get the company server shut down!

We must all abide by the CAN-SPAM ACT and only use permission based email activities.

Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation

Free Spam Checker Tool Version 2.0 Break Through the Spam Filters!

Michael Rasmussen’s Email Promos Exposed (8 Part Video Tutorial)

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Here are 7 tips to make email marketing work for you.

1) Make sure you are offering good info and have a clear privacy and spam notice to get the signups in the first place

2) Do not rush in to the hard sell straight away, you need to build up trust and credibility first.

3) Schedule a chain of 5-10 emails that do not sell but just give out good info. Preferably give them a bit of info and then link through to a page on your site for the full article. This gets people back to your site and increases chance of conversion.

4) Slowly you can start getting more “salesy” in the emails and then after 10 or so emails you could do a review/sales pitch of a product – however try and make it look more information orientated than sales pitch like.

5) Schedule the chain of emails to go out between 3-7 days of each other but mix it up. E.g. don’t have them all going out 4 days after each other as that will look too automated.

6) Emails with a personal approach work best, i.e. the reader should feel like you have just sent that email to them personally and not a mass mail to everyone. The way to do this is in the language of the email (make it informal) and of course using dynamic name insertion, etc.

7) Don’t be afraid to invite people to reply to the email and ask questions. Although this can become time consuming it is a very good way to get the personal approach across more and develop more meaningful relationships with surfers. You could also use the questions they ask and your answers to create new content and articles for you site, a Q&A section if you like.

*BONUS* Less is more….simple text is often more effective than costly html templates, save your big splash for the page they would land on…your home page, capture page or your product offer page.

Bulk Email Tools

Free E-Mail Extractor

How to Use the Mailto Syntax

Free E-Mail Marketing e-Course by Abbie Drew.


MLM Sales Letters

The following Zip file contains the following sales letters and text files:

Cold Market
Downline Training
Email Campaigns
Product and Service Sales
Warm Market
7 Tips on Bulk Email
AutoResponder Guide

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How to Whitelist an Email Address

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