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FBInfluence With over 1.01 billion people now using Facebook, social media marketing is the best place to generate viral traffic.

Viral marketing uses pre-existing social networks to produce increased brand awareness and product sales through self-replicating viral processes. 

The ultimate goal of marketers interested in creating successful viral marketing campaigns is to create viral messages that appeal to individuals with high social networking potential that have a high probability of being spread to others in a short period of time.

By creating content that attracts attention and encourages readers to share it with their social networks, your messages spread from user to user because they appear to come from a trusted, third-party source, as opposed to the brand or company itself. Hence, this form of marketing is driven by word-of-mouth, meaning it results in earned media rather than paid media.

Social media has become a platform that is easily accessible to anyone with internet access. Increased communication for organizations fosters brand awareness and often, improved customer service. Additionally, social media serves as a relatively inexpensive platform for organizations to implement marketing campaigns.

The Facebook List Funnel System leverages the power of social media networks to reach millions of potential prospects in your target niche. Using free or premium social media marketing tools saves time and automates the process. Building a targeted list of new contacts using Facebook and then funneling that list out to multiple social networks further expands your circle of influence.

The Facebook List Funnel System leverages Facebook Groups to build a targeted list of contacts within Facebook and then funnel your list out to multiple social networks building a larger circle of influence.

Facebook Groups

How It Works

You simply signup for a free Facebook account (if you don’t already have one) and use the internal Facebook search to find targeted groups.

When you join Facebook Groups, you can connect with others on a daily basis and build your Facebook “friends list”. Many Facebook Groups such as “work at home” for an example allow you to openly promote your business opportunities.

We highly recommended that you check the rules of each and every Facebook group prior to joining by clicking on the “About” tab while in each group.


The key to success is to share as much value as possible by posting entertaining, informative and motivational, quotes, videos, news and free productivity tools etc. in addition to your self-promotional offers. Also share your own Facebook link as much as possible and invite others to add you as a friend. Example:  Please add me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/robsongrantonline

How many groups can I join?
You can join up to 300 groups. If you have already reached this limit, you will need to leave some groups before you will be able to join new ones. There are over 100 Million Facebook Groups to choose from and we give you the best resource to find them!

Some groups have up to 20,000 or more members! By using Facebook groups, you have a virtually unlimited reach potential since you can always leave and join new groups.

If we do the math using the conservative average of only 1000 members per group, times the total allowed groups per account, which is currently set to 300 groups, equals 300,000 members. If you join mostly larger groups with more than 1000 members your reach will be much greater. The potential reach is millions considering the viral sharing aspect of Facebook.

Once you have grown a nice sized list of friends that share your interests, using the instructions below, you can import your Facebook list into your Yahoo contact list (Free). Once you have extracted your Facebook list into Yahoo, you can then import your Yahoo list into Gmail (Free).

Once you have your Yahoo list imported into Gmail, you can import it into multiple social networks!!!

Many people on your list will also be members of other social networks. When you “reconnect” with your original Facebook list on other social networks it widens your circle of influence.


  1. Set up a Yahoo email account if you don’t already have one. It only takes a minute. Unfortunately, you can’t use Gmail because Facebook has blocked it.
  2. Sign into your Yahoo mail account using Facebook. To active the feature, you must first link your Facebook account to Yahoo by completing the “Add to Facebook” section of your Yahoo! profile.
  3. Once that is complete, you sign in with Facebook to your Yahoo!
  4. Go to email, click Tools, select Import from Facebook. You may need to try this several times for it to complete.
  5. Go to the Tools menu and select Export to CSV file. Give the file a name and save it to your desktop.
  6. Open Gmail and click Contacts, More Actions, Import. Browse to the CSV file you just imported.
  7. Give the New Group a name like “Facebook Friends” and begin the Import
  8. Go to Google+ Circles. Your imported Facebook Friends will show up under “Find & Invite”.
  9. Add these friends to the Circles that make sense to you. You can also create new circles and invite them into those circles.


Once you have your Facebook “friends list” imported to Gmail, you can import it to multiple social networks further increasing your circles of influence.

If for some reason you cannot export your contacts from Yahoo using the instructions above, contact us and we will give you a work around.

Other Ways to Invite Friends to Your Business Facebook Page

It’s annoying when a Facebook friend posts never-ending status updates begging for “likes” for their business page. Avoid this undignified approach to inviting friends to your business page by using a bit more finesse. Provide value on your page, and your friends will be happy you invited them to participate in your growing business.

Include Your Friends on the Page

When friends come into your business, snap a photo. Tag the photo and put it on your Facebook business page. When your friends check out the photos in which they’ve been tagged, they’ll land on your page. If they like what they see, they’ll be certain to “like” it. A similar technique is to mention your friends on your business Facebook page. Post a status such as, “I know that Mary Smith will love the new purses we just got in this week!” Use the @ feature to highlight your friends’ names, which will draw them to your page, as your update will show in their notifications.

Entice Your Friends

Post interesting tidbits about your new business to your personal Facebook page. Don’t overdo it — a couple of times a week should be sufficient. Write words that will entice your friends to head over and check out your page. You can invite them directly, or post updates such as, “Hey friends — I’m offering a 50 percent discount on hair products at Shear Heaven this week. Visit our Facebook page and check it out!” Place special offers on your business page as well, as word will soon spread, helping more of your friends to find out about your page.

Write an Email

Write an email telling your friends how excited you are to have a new Facebook page to showcase your business. Let your friends know that you would value their participation on your page, and provide a link to take them there. Include an incentive, such as, “The first 100 people to “like” my page will be enrolled in a drawing for a free tuneup and oil change!” Include business-related photos in your email to make it visually appealing.

Facebook Tools

Use the Facebook “suggest to friends” feature to quickly invite your friends to your business page. A link to your page will appear in the right-hand column of some of your friends’ pages. Keep in mind that you might not reach all of your friends using this feature. Friends who use Facebook sporadically are particularly unlikely to respond using this method. To get more followers who are not friends, ask good friends who have different social networks if they will “share” your page with their network.

 Facebook Badges – Facebook Badges are another great way to build your friends list.

http://www.facebook.com/badges/ (you must be logged in)

Facebook Profile Badges

Profile Badges

Facebook Profile Badges

Like Badges

Facebook Like Badges

Photo Badges

Facebook Photo Badges

Page Badges

Facebook Page Badges



You Can’t  Afford to Ignore Facebook:

– You already know Facebook is the Largest Social Network with over 800 million members. Your customers are using it!
– Every day Facebook users comment or press the “Like” button more than 2 billion times.
– Facebook users post 30 billion pieces of content every month. How much of it is about your product or service?
–  A recent study by Forrester found that of U.S. adults who use social networking sites, 96% of them are on Facebook.
– Facebook reached one trillion page views in June 2011, making it the most-visited web site in the world!

Facebook is an incredible, unlimited source of hot leads.

Did you know that Facebook users spend over 700 BILLION minutes a month on Facebook? The potential to attract quality prospects is mind blowing.

The great news is that there is a huge source of leads right at your fingertips. The bad news is that most people are doing it all wrong and not capitalizing on its massive potential. It’s time you start leveraging the most powerful social media platform.

You already know to survive in business you must build a huge list of ravenous prospects. Amy is going to show you how to make list building A-B-C easy for you. You will generate mind-blowing leads.

If you are a complete NEWBIE (brand new to Internet Marketing) I highly recommend Chris Farrell’s Membership.


Facebook Mastery SECRET

Facebook Mastery SECRET

Spend at least one half hour each day or more managing and participating on social networks “AS YOUR LIKE PAGE!”.

Facebook Stealth Marketing Little Known Secret…

Simply setup a Facebook “Like Page” with a keyword or catchy title and then spend a 1/2 hour per day or more on Facebook (SECRET: posting and interacting “As Your Page” which makes your name listed on your post a hyperlink to your like page (instead of your Facebook account name). You can even share other peoples viral content and when people see your engaging page name title such as our Facebook page for example: Success With Robson (gets more clicks than my old page title with Robson Grant).

Other examples: Make Money Online With Pros, Jane Doe’s Your Business Name or Product,

How To Participate on Facebook as Your Like Page

• Contributing
• Commenting
• Sharing
• Liking

Build relationships by asking questions, sharing engaging content.Post engaging content + question (have an open conversation).


Share other peoples great content or your own. For instance, viral content or beneficial info about general health, recipes etc.)

Some examples: share a recipe, a health alert, (example; The Bitter Truth About Aspartame YouTube Video).  Do you still eat this stuff?

The point is, you want to be sharing great content (informative, entertaining etc.)

The secret sauce…

Along with your post, include an engaging question that invites a response.


How many weight lost programs have you tried? (tried and failed?)
How many people do you know who are overweight?
Has this ever happened to you and how did you react?

More tips…

• Post Often
• Encourage People To Respond (share, comment or like)

Automate The Process To Save Time

Use BufferApp to schedule your posts so that you can spend your time engaging with people who have commented and add another call to action.

I hope you have enjoyed this Ebook and hope this information brings you accelerated success!


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