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greetings friends of the universe today
we are going to discuss the seven
hermetic principles who can completely
transform your life let’s start
Hermeticism is an ancient spiritual
philosophical and esoteric tradition
this great conscious expanding teachings
are created by Hermes Trismegistus known
by the ancient Egyptians as the master
of masters all fundamental and basic of
cult and esoteric teachings can be
traced back to Hermes you can really
open up a deep exploration of yourself
and essa Tyria by diving into this great
ancient mystical teachings Hermes
Trismegistus Greek for Hermes the thrice
greatest was known in the Egyptian
mythology as the god Thoth and in the
Greek mythology as the god Hermes this
mysterious being was known to have lived
in ancient Egypt before he was revered
as a god
he was the first great Egyptian
philosopher and founder of the ancient
mystery schools Thoth was considered to
be the one who gave us writing numbers
and the arts of self-cultivation
through works of consciousness it is
said that he was receiving his wisdom
while in deep meditative trances writing
over 40 books including allegedly the
Emerald Tablet the book of Thoth and the
Divine Pi Mandir it is said that the
book of Thoth reveals the secrets of the
universe and the process achieved
through awakening certain areas of the
it contains secret knowledge of the
Incarnation process and many other
Universal secrets only priests with
special training were allowed access to
Foss sacred knowledge in his head
builder of the first pyramid was one of
no one knows where is the book of thoth
but some actually considered that the
book of thoth is in the astral plane and
not a physical thing but something that
you had to actually travel in your
consciousness this is probably one of
those very old incidences of channeling
where an individual would get into a
special state of mind
contact the universal knowledge or the
source the topics that Hermes
Trismegistus covered ranged from
medicine chemistry law art music
rhetoric magic philosophy geography to
the Egyptians his knowledge was so vast
that they first began to credit him as
the communicator with the gods it is
unknown whether Hermes Trismegistus was
a real person or more of an idea but
whatever the case Hermeticism has become
a fundamental teaching which stands in
the roots of all religions esoteric
spiritual and occult practices
in Hermeticism there are seven hermetic
principles which contain basic truths
about the world the laws of the universe
wisdom and everything that governs our
material and spiritual life knowing
these seven principles this universal
laws shall open your insights to the
deeper spiritual nature of reality the
universe exists in perfect harmony by
the virtue of these laws once you
understand apply and align yourself with
these universal laws you will experience
transformation in every area of your
life beyond that which you have ever
dared to imagine the seven hermetic
principles I’ll give to you are from the
mysterious volume called the cab alien
written by the three initiates the
Cobell yin contains the essence of the
teachings of Hermes Trismegistus
and this teachings were passed on from
teacher to student for thousands of
here are the seven hermetic principles
number one the principle of mentalism
they all is mind the universe is mental
this principle embodies the truth that
all is mind it explains that they all
which is the substantial reality
underlying all the outward
manifestations and appearances which we
know under the terms to the material
universe and in short all that is
apparent to our material senses is
spirit which in itself is unknowable and
undefinable but which may be considered
and thought of as an universal infinite
living mind it also explains that all
the phenomenal world our universe is
simply a mental creation of the all this
principle by establishing the mental
nature of the universe easily explains
all of the varied mental and psychic
phenomena that occupy such a large
portion of the public attention and
which without such explanation are non
understandable and defies scientific
treatment and understanding of this
great hermetic principle of mentalism
enabled the individual to readily grasp
the laws of the mental universe and to
apply the same to his well-being and
advancement the hermetic student is
enabled to apply intelligently the great
mental loss instead of using them in a
haphazard manner with the master key in
his possession the student may unlock
the many doors of the mental and psychic
temple of knowledge and enter the same
freely and intelligently this principle
explains the true nature of energy power
and matter and why and how all these are
subordinate to the mastery of mind one
of the old hermetic masters wrote long
ages ago he who grasps the truth of the
mental nature of the universe is well
advanced on the path to mastery and
these words are as true today as at the
time they were first written without
this master key mastery is impossible
and a student knocks in vain at the many
doors of the temple
number two the principle of
Correspondence as above so below as
below so above this principle embodies
the truth that there is always a
correspondence between the laws and
phenomena of the various planes of being
and life the old hermetic axiom ran in
these words as above so below and the
grasping of this principle gives one the
means of solving many dark paradoxes and
hidden secrets of nature there are
planes beyond our knowing but when we
apply the principle of Correspondence to
them we are able to understand much that
would otherwise be unknowable to us this
principle is of universal application
and manifestation on the various planes
of the material mental and spiritual
universe it is in universal law
the ancient terminus –ts considered as
principle as one of the most important
mental instruments by which man was able
to pry aside the obstacles which hid
from view the unknown its use even tore
aside the veil of Isis to the extent
that a glimpse of the face of the
goddess might be caught
just as a knowledge of the principles of
geometry enables man to measure distance
suns and their movements while seated in
his observatory
so in knowledge of the principle of
Correspondence enables man to reason
intelligently from the known to the
unknown number three the principle of
nothing is resting everything is moving
everything vibrates this principle
embodies the truth that all things in
the universe are in motion everything
vibrates nothing is at rest fact which
modern science endorses and which each
new scientific discovery tends to verify
and yet this hermetic principle was
enunciated thousands of years ago by the
Masters of ancient Egypt this principle
explains that the differences between
different manifestations of matter
energy mind and even spirit result
largely from varying rates of vibration
from the all which is pure spirit down
to the grossest form of matter all is in
vibration the higher the vibration the
higher the position in the scale
the vibration of spirit is at such an
infinite rate of intensity and rapidity
that it is practically at rest
just as a rapidly moving wheel seems to
be motionless
and at the other end of the scale there
are gross forms of matter whose
vibrations are so low as to seem resting
between these poles there are millions
upon millions of varying degrees of
vibration from corpuscle and electron
and molecules to worlds and universes
everything is inventory motion this is
also true on the planes of energy and
force which are varying degrees of
vibration and also on the mental planes
whose states depend upon vibrations and
even onto the spiritual planes an
understanding of this principle with the
appropriate formulas enables hermetic
students to control their own mental
vibrations as well as those of others
the masters also apply this principle to
the conquering of natural phenomena in
various ways
he who understands the principle of
vibration has grasped the scepter of
number four the principle of polarity
everything is dual everything has poles
everything has its pair of opposites
like and unlike are the same opposites
are identical in nature but different in
degree extremes meet all truths are but
half-truths all paradoxes may be
this principle embodies the truth that
everything is dual everything has two
poles everything has its pair of
opposites all of which world hermetic
axioms it explains the old paradoxes
that have perplexed so many which have
been stated as follows differing thesis
and antithesis are identical in nature
but different in degree opposites are
the same differing only in degree the
pairs of opposites may be reconciled
extremes meet everything is and isn’t at
the same time all truths are but
half-truths every truth is half false
there are two sides to everything
it explains that in everything there are
two poles or opposite aspects and that
opposites are really only the two
extremes of the same thing with many
varying degrees between them to
illustrate heat and cold
although opposites are really the same
thing the differences consisting merely
of degrees of the same thing there is no
such thing as absolute heat or absolute
cold the two terms heat and cold simply
indicate varying degrees of the same
thing and that same thing which
manifests as heat and cold is merely a
form variety and rate of vibration
the same principle manifests in the case
of light and darkness which are the same
thing the difference consisting of
varying degrees between the two poles of
the phenomena what is the difference
between large and small between hard and
soft between black and white the
principle of polarity explains these
paradoxes and no other principle can
supersede it the same principle operates
on the mental plane let us take a
radical and extreme example love and
hate two mental states apparently
totally different and yet there are
degrees of hate and degrees of love and
a middle point in which we use the terms
like or dislike which shade into each
other so gradually that sometimes we are
at a loss to know whether we like or
dislike or neither and all are simply
degrees of the same thing as you will
see if you think a moment
and more than this it is possible to
change the vibrations of hate to the
vibrations of love in one’s own mind and
in the minds of others many of you who
read these lines have had personal
experiences of the involuntary rapid
transition from love to hate and in
Reverse in your own case and that of
others and you will therefore realize
the possibility of this being
accomplished by the use of the will by
means of the hermetic formulas and
understanding of the principle will
enable one to change his own polarity as
well as that of others if he will devote
the time and study necessary to master
the art number five the principle of
everything flows out and then everything
has its tides all things rise and fall
the pendulum swing manifests in
this principle embodies the truth that
in everything there is manifested a
measured motion to and from a flow an
inflow a swing backward and forward a
high tide and low tide between the two
poles which exist in accordance with the
principle of polarity described a moment
there is always an action and a reaction
and advance and retreat arising and a
sinking this is in the affairs of the
this law is manifest in the creation and
destruction of worlds in the rise and
fall of Nations in the life of all
things and finally in the mantle states
of man the Hermit assess this principle
finding its universal application and
have also discovered certain means to
overcome its effects in themselves by
the use of the appropriate formulas and
methods they cannot unknow the principle
or cause it to cease its operation but
they have learned how to escape its
effects upon themselves to a certain
degree depending upon the mastery of the
principle they have learned how to use
it instead of being used by it in this
methods consist the art of the her
modest s’ the master of her medic’s
polarizes himself at the point at which
he desires to rest and then neutralize
his the rhythmic swing of the pendulum
which would tend to carry him to the
other pole all individuals who have
attained any degree of self mastery do
this to a certain degree more or less
unconsciously but the master does this
consciously and by the use of his will
attains of degree of poise and mental
almost impossible at belief on the part
of the masses who are swinging backward
and forward like a pendulum
this principle ended of polarity have
been closely studied by the hermit’s
and the methods of counteracting
neutralizing and using them number six
the principle of cause and effect every
cause has its effect every effect has
its cause everything happens according
to all chances but a name for law not
there are many planes of causation but
nothing escapes the law this principle
embodies the fact that there is a cause
for every effect an effect from every
cause it explains that everything
happens according to all that nothing
ever merely happened that there is no
such thing as chance that while there
are various planes of cause and effect
the higher dominating the lower planes
still nothing ever entirely escapes the
law the Hermit gist s– understand the
art and methods of rising above the
ordinary plane of cause and effect to a
certain degree and by mentally rising to
a higher plane
they’ve become Koster’s instead of
effects the masses of people are carried
along obediently to environment the
Wills and desires of others stronger
than themselves heredity suggestion and
other outwards causes moving them like
pawns on the chessboard of life
but the Masters rising to the plane
above dominate their moods characters
qualities and powers as well as the
environment surrounding them they help
to play the game of life instead of
being played and moved about by other
wills and environment they use the
principle instead of being its tools the
Masters obey the causation of the higher
planes but they help to rule on their
own plane number 7 the principle of
gender gender is in everything
everything has its masculine and
feminine principles gender manifests on
all planes
this principle embodies the truth that
there is gender manifested in everything
the masculine and feminine principles
ever at work this is true not only of
the physical plane but of the mental and
even the spiritual planes met on the
physical plane the principle manifests
as a sex genders on the higher planes it
takes higher forms but the principle is
ever the set no creation physical mental
or spiritual is possible without this
principle an understanding of its laws
will throw light on many subjects that
is perplexed the minds of men the
principle of gender works every in the
direction of generation regeneration and
everything and every person contains the
two elements or principles every male
thing has the female element also every
female contains also the male principle
if you would understand the philosophy
of mental and spiritual creation
generation and regeneration
you must understand and study this
hermetic principle it contains the
solution of many mysteries of life these
were the seven hermetic principles it is
important to know and internalize these
principles however it is even more
important to apply the essence of this
knowledge in your daily life and make it
an integral part of your thoughts and
actions understand the inherent tools of
these principles that can help you to
change your life knowledge itself is
useless the mere accumulation of
knowledge of all kinds of subjects and
topics can become meaningful if it is
not essential for your personal
development and if you do not apply
internalize and live it wisdom is
applied knowledge and mastery can only
be achieved by continuous application of
the principles you can feel and control
your state of vibration by mastering
your personal vibrational state you can
change all other aspects in your life
with your conscious thought and the
principle of correspondence working for
you it is your inner vibrational state
or frequency that can transform your
inner and outer world you can actively
go into resonance to unconditional love
and peace and feel this vibration within
yourself transforming the world around
you it is very important to understand
all of the principles and the way they
work and in the next step it is even
more important to use the principle of
vibration as your most powerful tool on
your way to mastery in the physical
realm of matter
each insight that is not lived and
applied is just another possibility to
recede from the truth and the path to
achieve mastery
therefore radical action is required on
your way to become your greatest version
with this in mind we should focus on the
principle of vibration as a tool to feel
and alter our conscious awareness of our
inner vibrational state applying this
knowledge wisely will help us on our way
to achieve mastery in this physical
reality thank you for watching please
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Hermeticism, also called Hermetism, is a religious, philosophical, and esoteric tradition based primarily upon writings attributed to Hermes Trismegistus (“Thrice Great”). Hermes Trismegistus, lived in Ancient Egypt in the earliest days of this civilization. He later become one of their gods, receiving the name Thoth. Some say that the word “thought”, comes from the name of this God of wisdom, science, and writing. In Ancient Greece, Hermes Trismegistus also joined the Greek pantheon of gods, taking the name Hermes. The greatest secret laws were handed down in the 7 Hermetic Principles. These are the Principles, taught by Thoth, that governs our material and spiritual life. Knowing these principles, the Universal Laws, shall open your insights to the deeper spiritual nature of reality. I will also show you how to use these principles in a practical manner. When you understand these laws, you will be able to Use it instead of being Used by it. 1. The Principle of Mentalism – “All is mind, the Universe is Mental.” 2. The Principle of Correspondence – “As above, so below; as below, so above”. 3. The Principle of Vibration – “Nothing rests, everything moves, everything vibrates.” 4. The Principle of Polarity – “Everything is Dual; everything has poles, everything has its pair of opposites.” 5. The Principle of Rhythm – “Everything flows out and in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall; the pendulum swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the wring to the left; rhythm compensates.” 6. The Principle of Cause and Effect – “Every Cause has its Effect; every Effect has its Cause; everything happens according to Law; Chance is but a name for Law not recognized; there are many planes of causation, but nothing escapes the Law.” 7. The Principle of Gender – “Gender is in everything; everything has its Masculine and Feminine Principles; Gender manifests on all planes.” ? Like and Subscribe if you enjoyed the video ? Join our Spiritual Kingdom on: ? Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/universalloving ? Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/spiritualki… ? Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+Universe… ? Twitter: https://twitter.com/universeinsideu ? Videos on #spirituality, #consciousness, #meditation, #mindfulness and much more. Let’s expand our esoteric, psychological and philosophical knowledge together. Subscribe to Universe Inside You ?



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