How To Increase Your Happiness

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How To Increase Your Happiness

Here is a summary from Peter Economy’s newsletter over at workLife which may I say is a great digital destination for uplifting content. I highly recommend subscribing to to their newsletter to receive new articles delivered right to your inbox.


Incredibly Easy Two Minute Exercises to Increase Your Happiness

Choose to create more happiness in your life. According to Shawn Achor, author of “The Happiness Advantage,”, it may actually take only 120 seconds. Here are three incredibly easy two-minute exercises you can do every day to improve your health and levels of happiness.

1. Find three new things each day to be thankful for. Spend two minutes a day finding things you’re grateful for, and soon your brain will naturally see all things with a more optimistic perspective.

2. Take two minutes each day to write a positive message praising or thanking someone you know. Not only will the message recipient feel good, but so will you.

3. For two minutes, remember a positive experience from the previous day. Sometimes reliving the past can be a good thing. To really visualize and experience a good memory, you can even bullet-point all details from the experience.

If you do one (or two or three) of these two-minute exercises every day, you’ll experience happiness in new and more powerful ways. Plus, according to Achor, when we take our happiness to work, “Our creativity triples. Productive energy rises by 31%. The likelihood of promotion rises by 40%. Sales rise by 37%.”

Most of all, in two minutes, you’ll learn this very important thing: Happiness is really not as far off in the distance as you might think.

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