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Find Leads

Using Advanced Search Operators you can discover an endless supply of targeted contact information. Using simple search strings, you can literally look right down into the depths of Google and pluck out the data you need.

Google Advanced Search Operators

You use the following examples to scrape targeted contact emails. Simply make substitutions as per your specific needs.

Copy and past the following operators into the Email Scraper Wizard.

Social Sites

“gmail.com” “facebook.com” marketing
“gmail.com” “gurus name”
“gmail.com” “twitter.com” marketing
“gmail.com” “linkedin.com” marketing

Classified Sites

“gmail.com” “backpage.com” bizops
“gmail.com” “craigslist.com” bizops
“gmail.com” “ebayclassifieds.com” bizops
“yahoo.com” “ebayclassifieds.com” bizops
“hotmail.com” “ebayclassifieds.com” bizops
“msn.com” “ebayclassifieds.com” bizops


“gmail.com” “amway.com”
“yahoo.com” “monavie.com”
“hotmail.com” “melaleuca.com”
“msn.com” “avon.com”

Other Targets

such as real estate or travel domains etc. Some examples are listed below. Simply substitute any domain and/or  keywords etc

“gmail.com” “remax.com” agent
“gmail.com” “century21.com” agent

Want More?

Copy and paste the following advanced search operator into the Google Advanced Search and discoveran endless supply of GURU Lists!!! Substitute the GURU name as desired.

“firstname lastname” email addresses filetype:xls

Google Advanced Search


Google Advanced Search Operators
Using Google Search Operators
Google Guide Advanced Operator Quick Reference


To get some more ideas to target MLM’s & Network Marketing companies,


Handy Free Email Extractor

Free Email Extractor

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Opt-In Notice Example

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Generic Email

Subj. THEIR COMPANY or PROGRAM title.(It is best to use personalization whenever possible)

While doing a search I found your contact information for [INSERT THEIR COMPANY/PROGRAM TITLE] and based on your lifestyle I thought you might enjoy and benefit from my free [INSERT NEWSLETTER TITLE] newsletter.


Enjoy & Prosper!

To Unsubscribe please type “Remove” in the subject line and reply to this email.
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Working With MLM Genealogy Leads and Downline Reports

The science of marketing can be turned into a simple numbers game. You need to get the message of your life changing product or service out to as many people as you possibly can, as quickly as you can.

That being the case, spending more than a few cents on each lead is usually a total waste of time and money. For marketing our MLM business we have found that focusing on experienced networkers is the most successful way for us to move forward fast. You can find them for sale either called MLM Downline Reports or MLM genealogy leads, but basically it a list of people who are or perhaps were with a network marketing company before.

These are the best, most targeted leads to build your network marketing business with. The key is to plan on calling lead after lead until you find someone home and give them quick pitch to drive them to your website. Be sure to have some on hand to share with your downline to get them going quickly!

There is some excellent training on using genealogy leads and downline reports available on the web. Once you confirm your registration information we will be giving you totally free our complete power recruiting system. Swipe what you like, modify it, do what ever. We include all initial contact scripts, follow up scripts, email presnetation, the works.

But to call genealogy leads, you had better have some patience. I’ve found that manually dialing leads is a quick way to MLM burn out. But we will show you how to use some simple automation to have you contacting 30-40 prospects off your MLM Genealogy leads and downline reports for every hour you invest in your busines.

Now that will create some serious momentum in your MLM Business!

Phone Approach

The key to the initial approach is to stay professional, up beat and get to the point quickly. If they ask what is it, just go ahead and tell them what you’re promoting, don’t try to be coy…

It’ll likely just upset them.

Here’s a very quick and efficient script I use to contact prospects on genealogy lists and downline reports.

Use this if you like:


Hi {joe_networker}, my name is Dave and I’m calling you from my home-office here in YOURCITY, YOURSTATE. The reason I’m calling is to ask you a simple question…

Do you keep your income options open?

If their response is: “Yes, maybe, why”

Great. The reason I asked is I would like to send you some free information on a company which is exploding right now in several states.

I’m looking for someone I can work with in {their-state}.

Do you have a pen handy, I want to give you my website!”

If their response is: “No”

“Thanks have a great day!”


It goes without saying that the website you send them to should be a benefit laden website, with heavy emphasis on making money with your system.  This is what they will be most interested in hearing about.

DO NOT try an explain, sell or try and flood them with information. The key is to be brief and let your website do the selling. That way, when they join you, the whole process is easy to duplicate.

It’s truly a numbers game. The more people you approach, the more people you will sponsor, so Get to Work!

Also see our Email Marketing page.

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