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How To Promote A Mobile SiteInform Your Clients – There are countless ways to let your current and prospective customers know about your mobile site.

Here are some of the most effective ways how to market a mobile site.

Announce On Your Desktop Website – Make sure visitors to your desktop site know they can read it on their phone. A great way is to have a “view on mobile” graphic image. Another way is to put a link in the navigation menu. Or better yet, do both.

Posting On Your Blog – Be sure to write blog posts announcing your new mobile site, and new posts featuring any updates.

Social Media – If you use Facebook, Twitter, or other social media to promote your business, you have a fantastic platform for promoting your mobile website.

Why? Consumers are using social networking services on mobile in droves. Over 18% of US adults, among mobile phone users age 13 and up, access social networking sites and blogs as of May 2010. If someone using these services on their phone is advised of your mobile friendly site, there is an excellent chance they will visit it.

Best of all, if they enjoy the experience, they will tell others about it! Whether it’s mentioning it to their friends on Facebook, or re-tweeting, or even sending a friend a text message. Almost by definition, mobile social media users are going to be more open and sharing with their friends, family and associates through their phone.

Remember, many of your clients and prospects will want to know about your mobile site. You are doing them a disservice by not doing everything possible to communicate this information to them.

Email Newsletters – If you have a customer email database, send out an email announcing your mobile website.

Physical Mailings – Always include your QR (Quick Response Code) and mobile site address in all physical mailings.

Press Releases – Issue an online press release about the development of your new mobile website.

While On Hold – If people call your business and are placed on hold, include an announcement while they are listing to music.

Mobile Coupons – An easy way to encourage your customers to try your product or visit a location is by using “Mobile coupons”. Mobile coupons have a 3-4 times higher redemption rate than typical print coupons and cost far less. By utilizing a combination of SMS marketing with mobile coupon delivery, you now have an even more influential way of driving more sales and customers to your business. Once they are aware that your business website is not only readable, but optimized for mobile devices, it becomes much easy for them to suggest it to others.

Submit Your Mobile Site to Search Engines – A good way to let search engines know that you’re ready to appear within their search results is to submit your websites to them directly.

QR Code

QR Codes

You may have noticed black symbols showing up on billboards and other marketing materials in recent months. These 2-D barcodes are known as QR codes (Quick Response codes) and are gaining in popularity thanks to the recent explosion of smartphones among consumers.

QR code usage is still relatively new in the U.S. but now is the perfect time for companies to get in on the trend. It will help attract new customers and establish your growing company as cutting edge.

If you are new to QR codes, here is an explanation of the process as well as some specific ways you can use QR codes to promote your business.

When smartphone users download a QR code app, they are able to take a picture of the code and get hidden content that marketers have programmed into the code. This content may include a website, business contact information, a coupon or other promotional information. Promotions include discounts, codes for free shipping or merchandise, and downloads. Others are also using the codes to amass more participation on their Facebook page and for building their e-mail marketing database.

The apps that are required to scan and read the QR codes are free and have been developed to work with Blackberry, iPhone and Andriod phones.

Here are just a few more of the many ways you can start utilizing QR codes to promote your business and attract new customers:

Business cards — Include a code on your business card that allows customers to save your company’s contact information directly to their phone.

T-shirts — Create t-shirts for your staff that have a QR code on them. When your customers scan the code, you can send them to a promotional website that highlights the current special promotions that your company is offering. You can also get your customers involved by giving them a free t-shirt they can wear around town!

Direct mail — Include a QR code on your next postcard or other mailing campaign to help boost response rates. If your mail item is being mailed in an envelope, include the code on the outside of the envelope. This will peek recipients’ interest and help increase open rates.

Billboards and Print Marketing Materials — Whether it’s big or small, you can incorporate your QR code on just about any hard copy marketing material. Companies are including them on flyers, brochures, posters, and magazine ads.

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