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 Social Media Marketing SystemMaster Profile Setup

The purpose of setting up a Master Business Profile is to, first and foremost, brand you as a leader in your primary business as well as attract potential clients to your funded proposals. A funded proposal is a valuable information product, software marketing tool or any other effective resource like Aweber as an example, that will enhance the other persons business in some way and in the process, monetize your marketing efforts so that you still get paid and fund your advertising budget even if the person doesn’t join your primary business. Not only that! When you set up a free Google Profile account YOU will be on Google!


Social Profile Map

Use the examples below to setup your Social Network Master Profile on Google+ (requires a free Google account)

Note: Please do not copy the profile examples word for word. Use your own personal and professional experience. Be concise but provide sufficient detail to reveal your participation in current and past activities.

Try and add as much information as you feel comfortable branding yourself as leader in your primary business as well as a Home Based Business Specialist, Coach or Mentor for example.
The key is to outline your skills and how they may enhance the other persons life. If you do not yet have network marketing skills, you may reference that fact that you are connect to a global team of experienced marketers.

Once you have completed your Master Profile on Google+ bookmark your profile link for easy reference while setting up additional business social networks.

Optional: Depending on your budget, you may hire someone to setup additional business social networks for you and perform the daily activities action plan. A low cost virtual assistant service is Replace Myself.

*Make sure to spell check and have someone review your profile.

TIP: Select YourName as the username and a password that you will most likely remember. Your username should reflect your name or company name. This will determine your unique website for each profile.

As a suggestion, you could use the first four letters of the website plus a unique four digit code that remains the same throughout every online profile. For example, a password for facebook is face1234, linkedin is link1234, and flickr is flic1234.

We highly recommend that you get a free – The Last Password You Have to Remember. The unlimited free version works perfect. Screencasts (Basic Instructions)

Optional: LastPass also allows you to setup a master form filler profile which will further help you to automated the business network setup process. If you require assistance we’re here to help! 🙂 Skype: netizenpro

My Google+ Profile Example – You may use my profile as an example to give you some ideas but please don’t copy word for word.

Detailed Profile Example (PDF) – Although, this detailed professional profile example is for a Realtor, it is provides a detailed reference and memory jogger.

Step #1- If you don’t already have one, signup for a free Google Account

Google Account Signup

Step #2 – Once you have signed up for a Google Account, login to Google Profiles

Google Profiles

Google Profiles is now connected to Google+. To update your profile, once you’ve logged in, click on

Edit Google Profile

On the next page, click on the Edit Profile button to begin building your profile.

Once you have setup your Master Profile at Google Profile, you should now use your Google Profile as a reference for setting up other social network profiles beginning with


Over 135 million professionals use LinkedIn to
exchange information, ideas and opportunities.

Once you have Linkedin setup and are comfortable with your daily activity action plan, if you have time to do more, visit our Social Networks page.

Daily Activity Action Plan

  1. Search for some targeted contact emails with the free Botopia Email Scraper Wizard (see below).
  2. Login to one or more Business Social Networks and “Add New Connections” but please do not abuse the system by spamming or you risk losing your account. BE SMART!
  3. Check your “Inbox”. activate any friend requests and make a personal connection with those who contact you and share lots of VALUE! Here’s an example of a beautiful free gift… Mind Power Books
  4. Make a wall post/status update on the network (if available) with daily free giveaways, positive quotes, curated content etc. – People will be naturally attracted to you because of all the great value you share with them.
  5. Set aside a block of time each day to work on your business and make it a habit of doing the activities that move you close to your ultimate goals.


Botopia Email Scraper Wizard

Email Scraper Wizard


Download Email Scraper Wizard

Google Advanced Search Operators

You use the following examples to scrape targeted contact emails. Simply make substitutions as per your specific needs.

Copy and past the following operators into the Email Scraper Wizard.

Scraping Social Sites

“” “” marketing
“” frank kern
“” “” marketing
“” “” marketing

Scraping Classified Sites

“” “” bizops
“” “” bizops
“” “” bizops
“” “” bizops
“” “” bizops
“” “” bizops

Scraping MLMs

“” “”
“” “”
“” “”
“” “”

Scraping Other Targets such as real estate or travel domains etc. Some examples are listed below. Simply substitute any domain and/or  keywords etc

“” “” agent
“” “” agent


Google Advanced Search Operators

Using Google Search Operators
Google Guide Advanced Operator Quick Reference


To get some more ideas to target MLM’s & Network Marketing companies,

Want More?

Copy and paste the following advanced search operator into the Google Advanced Search and discoveran endless supply of GURU Lists!!! Substitute the GURU name as desired.

“frank kern” email addresses filetype:xls

Google Advanced Search

Want Even More?

Free Leads

Here’s a handy free email extractor.





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