Offline Promotions

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Offline Promotions

Here are some ideas for offline promotions.

1.) College Recruiting – Go to your nearby college and write your website address on the sidewalk with chalk. College students are always looking for methods of earning extra income. You can also make up little flyers or use sizzle drop cards and post them on the many bulletin boards around campus.

2.) Newspaper Classifieds

Do a search for your local newspaper classified ads.

Sample Classifieds Ads To Use:

NEED MONEY? Work From Home!
Get Paid To Have Your Own Website!

Solid Work From Home Business
Hiring Representatives, Unlimited Income

Got A Website? Why Not? Get One Free!
Earn From Your Computer.

Also see our Classified Ads page.

3.) Libraries – An idea from a member: “I made up some bookmarks with some text and a spiffy background image of dollar bills and stuffed one into each book on marketing and the new release books at my local library. On the back I wrote a short note or a quick shopping list. At the bottom of each I put something like “I gotta check out this site “.”

4.) And of course.. Business Cards & Sizzle Drop Cards. You can use these to give to people who ask you what you do, or people who you come in contact with, this way they wont forget!

Get a set of business cards or sizzle drop cards to give prospects and leave at various destinations during your daily travels. This is such a simple way of attracting customers. Here is a list of the top 50 places to leave flyers and cards:

Doctor’s Office
Dental Office
Mechanics Waiting Room
College Campuses
Back of Bathroom Stall Doors
Hair Salons
Tax Preparation Offices
Insurance Office
Dry Cleaners
Ice Cream Shops
Bagel Shops
Donut Shops
Nail Salons
Day Care Centers
Retirement Homes
Real Estate Agent Offices
Corner Stores
In Front of Magazines at Check Out Lines
With Your Tip at Restaurants
Model New Home Centers
With Toll Booth Collectors
Grocery Store Clerks
Video Stores
Dressing Rooms
Bank Tellers
Shoe Stores
Kids Resale Shops
Gymboree Centers
Temporary Staff Offices
Flower Shops
Pet Stores
Dance Studios
Grocery Store Bulletin Boards
Mortgage Offices
Computer Stores
School Administration Offices
Fabric Stores
The Bakery
Print Shops
Cashiers at Dealerships
Tanning Salons
Vitamin Stores
Sales People At Any Store
Movie Theater Lobbies

5) Remember to always include a card or a flyer or both with your check when you are paying bills. You will be surprised how effective this is. Also when you receive offers in the postal mail that come with business reply envelopes, no need to apply, just insert your business card and send it back!

6) Tape your business card to ATMs and Parking Garage Check Out Machines and leave a small stack of cards there. This is also very effective.

Sizzle Bill – Drop Cards

These irresistible Sizzle Bill – Drop Cards will drive more traffic to your websites by doing offline promotion.

Simply download the templates and add your website link then hand them out and “DROP” them everywhere you go and VOILA!

Dollar Card Marketing


Front (unfolded)

Drop Card Front

Back (unfolded)

Dropcards Back

Download Drop Cards Templates Front


DropCardsFront.doc (template)

Dropcard Template Front

Download Drop Cards Templates Back


DropCardsBack.doc (template)

Dropcard Template Back

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