My Poetry To Ponder

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Table Of Contents

1. Door to Decision
2. Island of Endless Time
3. Memory Skies
4. Friend
5. Ship of Dreams
6. Angel Wings
7. Quantum Thought
8. Missing Myself
9. Action Reaction
10. Super Hero or Total Zero
11. Hourglass
12. To Ponder
13. Symphony of the Mind
14. Reminisce
15. Secret of the Pharoahs
16. Halcyon Holiday
17. Stray Bullets
18. Hello Eternity
19. 120 Mph
20. Triumph
21. Security Zero
22. Deathday
23. Motiva
24. The Spell
25. Fellow Humans



Door to Decision

We come from a turbulent past
To an info-age moving way to fast
The fate of these lands
Is now in our hands

Will we bring destruction to an end
Have the power to mend
Save this fragile dreamland
Wash away our footprints in the sand

Global warming is causing weather changes right before our eyes
But we still blacken our skies
Sun rays take less time to burn our faces
But we still destroy our rain forests and leave empty spaces

The men spill out of the factories everywhere
Punching their time-clocks basically unaware
Don’t realize what’s happening to the big picture
Massive devastation of the atmospheric mixture

Every day go through their daily motions
Waiting it out for measly promotions
Distant stares and silent prayers
Monday to Friday say goodbye

Our oceans are slicked with oil spills
Waterways full of toxic waste that kills
We build our cities on mountains of pollution
Without an environmental solution

We live our lives in search of wealth
Cloned food damages our good health
Crime stories are found on every newspaper page
People losing control in an uncertain age

Victims of greed getting younger
A world that still allows their hunger
Our petty problems make us hang down our heads
While million’s go unfed

Desire unfolds the light of our day
But we cannot give in to the subtle decay
We must rise above the haze descending
Toward mass action mending

We must take control of our actions today or the children of tomorrow will be the one’s to pay
The new innkeepers shall soon take charge of the next generation’s voyage at large
Trends are patterned and patterns trended
Man’s damage must be ended

© Robson Grant



Island of Endless Time

Make your mission worth the final cost
Take action now before you get lost
It doesn’t matter what part of the world you are in
It’s the right place for your dreams to begin

You can take a trip or stay where you are
Live life in disguise or go far
Like a dog-eared page just waiting to be read
It’s your life to lead or let collect dust instead

You can have it your own way
Opportunity knocks so be ready if it’s today
Decide where it is you really want to go
Make a plan then go with the flow

Don’t go forward with your eyes kept closed
Waiting for your future to expose
Look inward then outward at what your dreams really are
Believe in yourself and they won’t be too far

It’s never to late to make a new start
The reasons come from the heart
Everyone has a dream they do exist
To make yours come true you must persist

There’s nothing stopping you from being your best
You must be willing to pass your own test
Time won’t stand still for a prisoner of fate
You might think it’s over but it’s never too late

You must stand up tall
Take giant leaps and you won’t fall
Listen to your inner voice
Your first impression is the right choice

Sailing away to lotus land
A smile on your face and toes in the sand
Young at heart living free
The future is all yours to see

We’ll all be ship wrecked on this island of endless time
It’s now your leisure to shepherd it’s divine
Unlock the notion to act upon your dreams
Within the realm of enlightened esteem

© Robson Grant



Memory Skies

The most brilliant of suns has opened your eyes
Beneath the dome of memory skies
Adventures in dreams…last night now gone
Wake up to a new day at the burst of dawn

Step out into the morning dew
The movement of others comes into view
Your sleepy visions change into a more focused thought
You wonder if it will be another good day or not

See a thousand new faces come and go
The hustle and bustle of the rush hour flow
You hurry to get into the fast lane
Can’t be late or the boss will go insane

You’re in the same boat as a billion other guys
Spend your time making money to get what money buys
Three square meals, a roof over your head
Try and keep up with the Jones’s until you finally drop dead

Do you ever wonder why things are like this
Know the past is gone but still long for those you miss
There’s no use in fighting yesterday
A good tomorrow means to live today

Life is made of a million parts
The song, the sorrow, the touch of hearts
The day-to-day, to live and let live
The freedom of choice and the power to give

Hold on to the dream that gives you strength
To make it all worth it will increase your life’s length
Take motion toward a perfect breath
Before you reach a thing called death

One day you shall leave this place
Take wing to a shore less space
Gain light speed into a free sky
See your first journeys and adventures pass by

Reach elation on destiny’s date
Rejoice in knowledge of this mysterious fate
Rainbows of mist arched on a Terra sphere
Serene security and there’s nothing to fear

© Robson Grant




I know you’re still out there
Living life with your kind of flair
Standing with your face to the sun
Picturing your time to come

Many clouds have passed by
Since we stood under the same sky
Taking in the summer sights
Howling at the city lights

I still remember when we were young
Pulling pranks just for fun
Summer vacations were such a blast
The kind of memories that will always last

Growing up the future seemed like such a sure thing
Thought we knew what it would bring
True love, a family, and a house in the hills
Work hard, play hard and don’t sweat the bills

Never guessed things would change so much
Thought our friends would never loose touch
The stars seemed so clear from our domain
I sure could handle some of those good times again

Even if our dreams still seem far away
Our friendship will be right here to stay
Even after we move on to life’s next dawn
The road between us will never be too long

© Robson Grant



Ship of Dreams

You are the captain of your own destiny
Sailing uncharted waters on a turbulent sea
A passenger of fate navigating an ocean of rules
A pirate of hopes sailing on a ship of fools

You’re at the helm of your own lifeboat ship
Follow your heart and it won’t tip
Whatever ignites your inner fire
Illuminates your deepest desire

Set your compass by the stars up above
Let your heart be filled with love
Taking life for granted is a crime
Enjoy each moment of passing time

A stormy voyage begins with the first day
Chart your own course to find your own way
Spread your wings and gather wind in your sails
Never give up if all else fails

Life is too short to live without laughter
Rise above all and believe in what you’re after
Circumstance will try and steer you from your dreams
Don’t forget what your envisioned life means

If you believe that you deserve your dream
You will be happy and your smile will gleam
You can enjoy your own paradise on a desert isle
If you’re willing to sail the extra mile

© Robson Grant



Angel Wings

Driving down this lonely road on a dark and stormy night
Far from home with no other cars in sight
The miles pass by and I can feel you getting farther away
Can’t wait to get back home(to you babe) before night turns into day

They say that with distance the heart grows fonder
Without you here my thoughts begin to wander
I miss you more and more with each passing mile
Can’t wait to kiss you all over and make you smile

I’ve traveled so far with you on my mind
Your love helps me leave my troubles behind
When you hold me close my heart sings
My sweet angel keeps me safe under her wings

I think of you when I’m far away from home
You make me feel wanted when I feel all alone
Your love gives me strength to win the next fight
When I look into your eyes my spirit takes flight

You are the apple of my eye
You are the rainbow in my sky
You are the reason for my happy heart
I’ve loved you from the very start

Your love gives me something to live for
Brand new possibilities to explore
I want to hold you tight and never let go
I’ll love you until the end of time more than you know

When times are tough and things go wrong
You give me hope to carry on
It’s so fun having you along for the ride
I can’t imagine life without you by my side

You are my guiding light when darkness falls
You are my support system when duty calls
When I awaken and see you lying next to me
There’s no other place on earth I’d rather be

Meant for each other like two peas in a pod
You are my greatest gift from god
I’m as happy as I can be
Loving you completes me

© Robson Grant



Quantum Thought

Look deep inside your mind
You’ll be amazed at what you find
When you awaken and open your eyes
There’s more happening than you realize

Reality is a state of mind
You can choose a different kind
Your life doesn’t have to be this way
You can change it instantly today

Listen and learn the answer to it all
The brain has it’s own software to install
You can recycle your own program
Delete all of the negative spam

Get closer to the surface of your inner self
Boot off the subsystem running on stealth
The mind is an amazing thing
A meat-computer for thinking

You must listen to the inner cue
It affects everything you do
Automatic motor functions, protected files and forgotten memories all still stored
The first code written and uploaded by the supreme lord

We have one mind made up of more than one part
You can upgrade if you know where to start
Turn it on and make the up-link
Reality is about how you think

Click forward and activate your frontal lobe
Thoughts spanning the globe
Input your own reasons for it all
You have control of your firewall

If you’ve tried to be happy and just don’t know how
De-crypt the secret right now
Thoughts thrown like confetti in the snow
It all becomes clear when you’re ready to know

© Robson Grant



Missing Myself

I keep chasing myself around from place to place
Like a detective on an unsolved case
Feel like I’m living in the shadow of a ghost
My body’s a temple but I’m not the host

I keep searching for myself, I know I’m still out there
Found myself one day but at the time didn’t care
I’m at the same crossroads I thought I’d left behind
The simple control of my life is what I was hoping to find

One day I might find myself sitting on a pure white beach
Having me by my side within my own reach
Sipping on a tall cold one
Turning copper in the sun

One day I might just find myself and when I do there’ll be hell to pay
I’ll sit myself right down and make me stay
Ask myself whom I thought I was running from
A stranger in the mirror or the fear of being number one

© Robson Grant



Action Reaction

Action reaction it works to defend
Action reaction is a means to an end
Action reaction builds confidence in within
Action reaction will let your magic win
Action reaction they’ll stop on a dime
Action reaction it works every time

There comes a moment in everyone’s life choose to flee or fight
A split second when faced with fear decide what’s wrong or right
When your adrenaline starts to flow
Turn the other cheek or land the first blow

Stop the schoolyard bully in his tracks
Use the element of surprise before he attacks
Run away and be a coward the next day
Afraid of your shadow after school just slip away

Action reaction it works to defend
Action reaction is a means to an end
Action reaction builds confidence in oneself
Action reaction will give you great wealth
Action reaction they’ll stop on a dime
Action reaction it works every time

There comes a moment in everyone’s life choose to flee or fight
A split second when faced with fear decide what’s wrong or right
When your adrenaline starts to flow
Turn the other cheek or land the first blow

Stop the schoolyard bully in his tracks
Use the element of surprise before he attacks
Run away and be a coward the next day
Afraid of your shadow after school just slip away

Action reaction it works to defend
Action reaction is a means to an end
Action reaction builds confidence in oneself
Action reaction will give you great wealth
Action reaction they’ll stop on a dime
Action reaction it works every time

© Robson Grant



Super Hero Or Total Zero

Sometimes he’s a ballistic man
Super hero, man or myth, super dad or total zero
He’s got one mission on his mind
Teach you from the past mistakes he has left behind

I was where you are not so many years ago
I may seem old but I don’t feel like it you know
You look at me sometimes and can’t believe your eyes
Deep down inside you know I’m not telling you lies

I may not seem too cool in your view
I can appreciate the fact that you’re new
You may not agree with my belief
Please allow me to give you some relief

The feelings you are having today
Are a ripple of yesterday
A reflection of a past event
A new version of what has already went

Sometimes he’s a ballistic man
Super hero, man or myth, super dad or total zero
He’s got one mission on his mind
Teach you from the past mistakes he’s left behind

I know you’re still discovering your own person
But if you can open your eyes now, things may not worsen
It starts the same way for every new generation
The feeling that yours is a brand new sensation

I’ve got some news for you now
You’re not the first who thinks they know just how
Try and escape for just one day
Only to realize that reality is where we must all stay

It’s not a new concept
Designed solely for the inept
It’s simple reason meant to satisfy
A platform for the launch of a soul that’s ready to fly

Sometimes he’s a ballistic man
Super hero, man or myth, super dad or total zero
He’s got one mission on his mind
Teach you from the past mistakes he has left behind

© Robson Grant




We awoke under a clear new dawn
Gazed skyward with a peaceful calm
The wind was blowing a calm breeze
With a gentle breath through the trees

The day in its perfection strewn sun shimmers on a cool watery river system
Floating leaves and grass reeds bending at the stem
In our canoe upon our knees paddled water on the stream
Lost all sense of time in a beautiful daydream

We each knew what we had found
Nature has the most peaceful sound
Removed from the past in contact with our instinct
Felt a higher power to our presence was linked

Times that make life seem more real
Moments that you can really feel
In a world that’s not protected
Sometimes sand slips undetected

© Robson Grant



To Ponder

All from something
All for nothing
All from nothing
All for something

If your life is still a mixed up mystery
You can set your cosmic spirit free
All of your thoughts have brought you to this reality
Nothing has happened unless you decided it should be

To really live life before you are gone
Awaken and embrace each new dawn
Anything can happen with intelligent action
You are in control of each thought transaction

Everyone wants a little piece of the big pie
A little slice of heaven on earth before we die
Enjoying the journey along the way
Loving the moment means living each day

What goes around comes around have respect
You reap what you sew life is what you expect
Honesty is the best policy to the places you can go
The sleeping giant inside you is ready to slay any foe

You can take action every day and end up with what you really want
Live life on purpose or sleep six feet under with memories that haunt
You can give up on your dreams if you want no one will care
Or you can act, live and breathe as if you’re already there

© Robson Grant



Symphony of the Mind

We have a cyber child inside
It likes to sneak and hide
Consciousness may be several layers thick
An internal program makes us tick

Don’t worry you’re not all alone
We’re all connected by the unknown
Tapped into my subconscious the other day
Met my cyber child at play

I’m connected to the universe inside me
No more guilt or sorrow I’m completely free
The possibilities are endless beyond what the eye can see
I’m the only one who can set my mind free

We have limited conscious recall
When you are dreaming you wake up when you fall
The inner mind is never asleep
Some memories are deleted that we cannot keep

The answer to it all is upon us now
To plant the seeds of tomorrow we must first plow
Get ready for part two
It will change your point of view

© Robson Grant




Do you ever wonder what happened to those childhood friends you once knew
Where are they now, are they happy and what do they do
We all grew up so close then disappeared and moved away
If only you could see them right now what would they say

Do they still remember you once in a while when something sparks an old memory
A song on the radio or a picture they see
The fun times you had together in school
Dances and parties, first kisses, the class-clown playing the fool

You can only imagine where they now are
Do they live right around the corner or have they traveled far
Did they get married, have kids, and buy a house and a car
Or just stayed single and hung out at the bar

Memories are great they let you reminisce
Remembering those you once knew and sometimes miss
Life is made of the memories you make
In the end… they may be the only things you can take

© Robson Grant



Secret of the Pharoahs

Ancient societies rise and fall
Man destroys his spinning ball
DNA code programmed to open Pandora’s box
Life pods return to dust and rocks

Spirits unfold time and space
Travel to a distant place
Fresh souls take flight
A spiral of bright light

Heading back to gods land
Ruby red skies and black glass sand
Crystal mountains rise above the clouds
An air dome protects the world that it shrouds

Elders gather in the archives of the great hall
Ponder what happens beyond this dimensions wall
Drink from golden goblets under burnt skies
Fill the void with the all and wise

Flowers smell sweet in the edenscape
Enjoy your life and in death there maybe an escape
Take a leap of faith within your own lifespan
Figure out your exact plan

All seeing eyes are upon us from beyond this world
Watch in disbelief as our brief history is unfurled
An experiment to amuse and entertain
Without time to pass it keeps the planet gods sane

The garden blooms for the kings in celestial lands
Play with the stars in the palm of their hands
The script writer has the plan to make it unfold
Warping time and space making the future the untold

Open your eyes and see the quickening
It doesn’t take a genius to feel this thing
Universe is expanding beyond our imagination
Maybe no hope left for a single nation

Beyond our current perception where do we go from here
Watch as technology speeds up every year
This life may be a wake-up call for the big spark
Cross over and make the next arc

The sleeping code controls us all
Unless you go beyond your inner firewall
Finally get to know yourself beyond the surface
Forget your fear and finally stop being nervous

© Robson Grant



Halcyon Holiday

Remember that time way up north on the frozen lake
Cool winter memories so easy to make
Toasting sandwiches on an open fire
Soaring spirits couldn’t get much higher

Camping close to the shoreline
The wilderness yielded her bounty to dine
Snow melted onto our faces
One of those perfect life spaces

The ice would crack beneath our feet
Spending time together was so neat
The thrill of walking on ice-water
Landing a big one made you feel like a star

So much fun bombing around
The rumble of the snowmobile sound
Enjoying life and getting some
The wind froze our faces numb

So cold we could see our breath in the air
The whole world and just the two of us there
We scavenged more wood for the fire
The dancing flames would inspire

Followed the snow path trail back home at night
Gliding through darkness with our headlight
Back out the next day for some more
Drilling ice to the liquid core

Snowy days softly floating so fine
Memories still yours and mine
So happy together sharing life
When the cold cut like a knife

Lost and found inside our dreams
The place where our soul light beams
Remember the fun we had on that frosty winter day
When the children inside us came out to play

© Robson Grant



Stray Bullets

Information velocity is part of the grand design
Slavery still exists in our time
Ground level ozone bright stars in the night sky
Terrorists among us and mars is close by

Mass product consumers part of the big money machine
The government controls us all on a puppet string
Take a closer look at the evidence
Most of us work for peanuts as servants

We live on the surface of the underground
Where lies and deception can be found
They don’t tell us the whole truth on TV
Lots of stuff goes down that we don’t see

Crimes and corruption all the way to the top
No sign in sight that it will ever stop
They keep us numb with new stuff to buy
Tell us what ever story will fly

Programmed like machines for five days
On the weekend drink ourselves into a haze
We sell our time for a little cash
With hopes of retiring with an extra stash

Subliminal advertising in our entertainment
Part of the master plan for containment
It’s a miracle we’ve lasted this long
A viral system that’s so wrong

If we’re ever going to survive we have to teach our youth
Be honest by sharing the whole truth
Fix the family unit and create a single society
Stop dodging stray bullets we can’t see

© Robson Grant



Hello Eternity

I’m going on a trip tomorrow and I’m not coming back
I’ll be gone for a while and that’s a fact
No more pain or pleasure
No time on earth left to measure

Cruising through deep space
Light years away from the human race
Into dust and gone without a trace
Away from here to a different place

Crashing into the after-world
When the skies open up and the afterlife is unfurled
Floating on the waves of eternity
Bright stars in an ambience sea

Drifting away dreaming at night
Reality’s reflection finally takes flight
When time and space has bent
So happy at the start before the journey has to end

Zero gravity weightless living without a worry
No more life in a hurry
When the past becomes blurry
Cartesian coordinates through death’s venturi

A place without reason or rhyme
No more law or crime
Spatial extent beyond belief
No more happiness or grief

Light speed into the unknown
Together with the universe and not all alone
Reality’s dreamland on time’s forgotten sea
Peaceful bliss and floating free

© Robson Grant



120 Mph

Falling from the sun into the open sea
Reaching terminal velocity
Flying through space landing on earth
Into the open air at birth

Racing towards the future and the unknown
Light years away from home
Filled with wonder about the existence of god
Still learning to drive this life pod

Modifying your operating file
Setting coordinates by the sun dial
Following your dreams not afraid to fly
You’re not alone because we never die

Sailing uncharted waters on a virtual sea
It’s up to you if it’s going to be
Enjoying your youth and your good health
It’s the best gift you can give yourself

You have the strength to weather the storm
Enjoying your life in the purest form
Traveling though time towards your wildest dreams
Enjoying the way your life seems

Letting gravity have it’s own way
Taking advantage of each bonus day
Having honesty in everything you do
Escaping from this human zoo

Ballistic missiles flying too close to home
Feeling like you’re all alone
Living like you’re just another clone
Leaving your comfort zone

A future of unlimited possibilities
Beyond what the naked eye sees
Life can give you a wake up call
Before you finally realize that this is all

Following your own instinct
Enjoying the first light of dawn’s pink
One day you’ll open your eyes and see
The simplicity of it all and what can be

© Robson Grant




You can be first across the finish line
Never give up and everything will be fine
Don’t end up brokenhearted
Complete the journey that you first started

Don’t stop when all else fails
Keep on fighting tooth and nails
You can give it your all
Grow a spine and stand up tall

We’re living our lives in one way or another
Some people have no family or mother
Why can’t we be happy everyday
Like when we were kids and just used to play

Sometimes chasing our dreams makes us go a little crazy
Most people settle for less and are basically lazy
We keep our best intentions on dusty shelves
Fighting for the first victory over ourselves

It takes so much more to shock us these days
Numb and lost in the haze
Living in this modern society
Trading dollars for vitality

We’re all affected by the sun and moon
They may be the cause of our final doom
We’ve all felt the tug of gravity
Late at night yanking on our sanity

Higher dimensions in life to travel
It’s your fate you choose to unravel
Tomorrow is still your own decision
The unborn future for you to envision

© Robson Grant



Security Zero

You can be a pawn on corporate puppet strings
Get back to work until the bell rings
Don’t make a fuss, talk back or say no
Make waves or you’ll be let go

The system powers the hate
Talk to the boss but they can’t relate
Explain your point and they look away
Make you leave and come back another day

Try and do a good job and they treat you like dirt
Inflict real pain that can hurt
Years of loyal service right down the drain
Feel like you could yank out your brain

The only way out is to gain control
Summon the strength from deep in your soul
Make a decision to finally change
Make life more real and not so strange

Here’s where the story first starts
A soldier with the guts and a fist full of hearts
It began in an open field without man
A flower growing without a plan

A dinosaur stuck in tar
A speck of sand from a shooting star
We come from here and everywhere
Starting with the first chromosome pair

You control your own path
You write your own epitaph
Don’t fear the reaper or death
Enjoy life until your last breath

Tomorrow may echo what happened in the past
Ripples though time like waves that will last
Enjoy each moment of every day
Mold the future in your hands like clay

© Robson Grant




The world is in a sad state of affairs
People still taken hostage and basically nobody cares
If you’re listening to my words now
You can pledge a new vow

Make a difference of great magnitude
Unite all of the countries that still feud
Stop the suffering that exists
Conquer the evil that persists

We can finally let it all go
Let all of our true feelings show
Send the right message across
Stop living our lives at a loss

John Lennon had a message of peace to share
A world without war where people would finally care
Without greed or religion to stand in the way
A garden of Eden where the children can play

We must carry on his legacy and multiply his voice
Make his the new generation’s choice
Don’t allow the predictions to become true
Change our attitude and make the future brand new

Wake up and give the foundation a shake
Get with the program and stop being so fake
We have to do something right away
Make tomorrow a better day

Each person must do a small part
The truth would be a good start
Be honest with ourselves and take action
Change our focus from monetary attraction

Bad news seems to get all of our attention
A negative trend that has had major retention
The criminal element that we can’t seem to weed out
When evil has won the first bout

The wicked still pray on the frail
If it continues our society will fail
A pyramid system that takes advantage of the weak
The rise of man may soon have reached it’s peak

© Robson Grant




Most people are merely spectators
Others choose to become ultimate creators
Seizing the moment and living life
Never touching their wrists with knife

So many people never get what they’re really after
Live a life filled with phony laughter
Regret the choices they wish they could go back and change
Wonder why their life has turned out so strange

Life’s a game where you can experience the big prize
It all becomes clear when you finally open your eyes
Slow down the moment and take a big deep breath
Put a smile on your face because you’re already cheating death

We’re all given freewill and choices
You can choose to listen to your heart and inner voices
If you believe that you can be anything everything will be ok
Put a smile on your face and be happy every day

With hard work and belief in yourself and you can accomplish almost anything
Fight for your dream and you will know what tomorrow will bring
You can energize your life with zing
Master your life and be king

Finally do it for yourself and your family once and for all
Reach your full potential, be happy and stand up tall
You know you can do it
Put your mind body and soul into it

Attack the challenge of yourself
Experience peak performance and ultimate wealth
Once and for all finally tame the beast
Celebrate the notion and enjoy the feast

© Robson Grant



The Spell

Let me take you to a place far away
Mold your mind that is made out of clay
Unlimited possibilities and places to go
Where the seeds of reality grow

Performing on life’s stage
You write the next page
Anything can happen when you take control
Reach right into your soul

Spacial index
Ultimate sex
It’s a good day
When you feel OK

Inside these words is the sound of laughter
From now on you will get what you’re after
Live the life you were meant for
Spread your wings and finally soar

Light speed away from this reality
Floating weightless and completely free
Beyond this realm of uncertainty
To a happy place you can make be

© Robson Grant



Fellow Humans

There’s more out there than meets the minds eye
Gaze upward at the stars in the night sky
Filled with wonder and why
Our life force will never die

As the sun warms the next dawn
Past memories live on
Into tomorrow far from this time
Away from the current design

The age of the silicon chip
When the beat of your heart made a skip
Minds and hearts pierced a hole through our lip
Taking a zero-gravity trip
Hey earth one in your little world
Reality, time and space are curled…

Aliens transcend both time and space
Advanced societies vanish without a trace
Experiments conducted on the human race
Technology accelerates it’s own pace

Man leaps into outer space
Begins to colonize a lunar base
The family unit gets lost in cyber space
On board implants are the next interface

Religious fanatics embrace an evil hero
Reboot the system at ground zero
Fear is the weapon of the terrorist threat
The rest of the story is not over yet

© Robson Grant



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