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Profit Wisely Strategy Guide

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Like you, I am interested in making real money online. With any on-line marketing opportunity you choose, be very skeptical. Do your own research. Come to your own conclusions, and never spend more money than you can safely afford to lose. Take the time to read the “Terms and Conditions” prior to joining any online program. The aim of this guide is to help you profit wisely in any endeavor that you may be involved with now or in the future. The secrets you will discover below are not really secrets at all; instead they are the actual ideas and strategies that have worked for us and many of our global affiliates.

This guide is dedicated to those who take action and apply this information.

Before you proceed, please read our Earnings Disclaimer

Update: At the time this guide was written, the main focus was HYIP and FOREX Programs however the tips included in this guide are also highly relevant to Revenue/Profit Sharing Programs. 

What is a HYIP?What is a HYIP? (High-yield Investment Program)

According to Wikipedia A high-yield investment program, HYIP, is a type of Ponzi scheme, which is an investment scam that promises unsustainably high return on investment by paying previous investors with the money invested by new investors.
Although there are many shady operators online, whether it be in network marketing, MLM, work- from-home or telecommuting, in our experience, not all HYIP Programs are Ponzi schemes.
Many have enjoyed earning substantial profits while reducing the risk simply by using common sense and by using the simple steps outlined below.

The newer type of high-yield investment programs involves smaller amounts of money. Many of these programs pay out 1-10% pre day, or even up to 100% per month or more. Many of these programs are scams, but some are actually legit.
The early Internet HYIP programs usually involved day trading on the stock market, on futures, or in foreign exchange. An investor could pay as little as $20 to the program, and would start earning a percent or two each working day. You could withdraw your gains at any time, though, by leaving the money in, and redepositing your profits would cause your investment to grow, thus increasing your payouts.
Experienced day traders can and do make anywhere from 1-20% each day — normally averaging (after bad trades and losses) 2% each day. The money paid into a HYIP program would be pooled together, and invested by the day (or technical) trader. Using 50% margins, where the investment broker loans the trader an amount equal to the amount he’s investing, the trader could pay out the 1% or so each day to the HYIP investors, and still make money for himself. According to some books on day trading, good traders are right 80% of the time, and should never lose more than 3% of their investment on the bad (or wrong) trades. This type of HYIP is sustainable and is not a scam. However, as a potential HYIP investor, you have no way of knowing if the program you’re interested in is legitimate, or is going to take the money and run.


The Forex type of HYIP is similar to the day trading type. Instead of buying and selling shares on the stock market, the traders buy and sell currencies and currency futures. They claim to have systems that guarantee success, but I’m not convinced that such systems exist because I have not tested these types of software. Forex HYIPs can (and do) offer higher rates of return because most Forex operations are margined up to 90% – not just 50%. That means a 1% gain on the trade is worth 10% of the initial investment. The returns are higher, but the risks, despite the claims, are higher too.

Other HYIPs are dubious, and should be regarded with suspicion especially when they offer plans that obviously seem too good to be true. Always do your own research.

The best opportunities are based on Libertarianism and the Golden Rule.

Libertarianism What is Libertarian?

The libertarian or “classical liberal” perspective is that individual well-being, prosperity, and social harmony are fostered by “as much liberty as possible” and “as little government as necessary.”



The Golden RuleWhat is The Golden Rule?

The Golden Rule or ethic of reciprocity is a maxim, ethical code, or morality that essentially states either of the following:
(Positive form): One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself.
(Negative/prohibitive form, also called the Silver Rule): One should not treat others in ways that one would not like to be treated. This concept describes a “reciprocal” or “two-way” relationship between one’s self and others that involves both sides equally and in a mutual fashion.

Playing it safe is risky!Playing It Safe Is RISKY!

According to “The Great One”, Wayne Gretzky…You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

If you want to break free from the traditional 9-5, 40/40/40 plan, you must step out of your comfort zone and take risks.

To reduce the risk, follow the steps below…

Profit Wisely Strategy Guide


  1. Test The Support – Submit a support ticket, call the company if the number is provided or do a live chat. The first warning sign is slow or bad support. It can sink a business faster than the titanic.
  2. Search For Feedback – Use your favorite search engine to search for reviews about the program. If you are a member of any Skype group chats, forums, social networks etc., ask for feedback.
  3. Make A Small Initial Deposit. (never deposit more than you can safely afford to lose).
  4. Make A Withdrawal – As soon as profits reach the minimum withdrawal limit, make a withdrawal and see how long it takes.
  5. Redeposit Profits – A great way to accelerate your earning progress and create momentum is to simply choose HYIP/RevShare programs that allow you to deposit from your balance internally without having to withdrawal to the payment processor first which saves fees and therefore equals more profit!
  6. Withdrawal Your Principal As Soon As Possible – Withdrawal your initial deposit, ‘seed money’ as quickly as possible to reduce and/or eliminate the risk all together! Once you are only risking profits earned, you won’t be as disappointed if the program fails for any reason.
  7. Refer Others – If the HYIP/RevShare offers an affiliate program, refer others to earn commissions and deposit your earnings to further accelerate your progress.

StrategyWhat Is The Best Strategy?

When it comes to strategy, it is completely dependent upon your personal situation and preferences. A very wealthy affiliate once said, “you should keep your initial deposit rolling until you can’t stand it anymore”.
We recommend that you always test the e-commerce by making a small withdrawal soon after making your initial deposit. Once you are satisfied that your payment processor is working for withdrawals, you may redeposit your profits on a DAILY basis (or as soon as you have the minimum deposit as set by the program owner).
If you redeposit your profits as you earn them, it quickly ACCELERATES YOUR PROFITS! Before taking a “draw” (getting paid daily) we like to set our desired goal of daily earnings to a balance which equals at least 50% of our “desired goal” and redeposit the other 50%. The reason is to keep the growth sustainable. 



  • If you want to try an online HYIP, investigate it first.
  • Put the minimum amount in and see what happens over a period of 3-6 months. 
  • If the payouts are consistent and on time, and you are able to recover your initial deposit and earn profits then you have found a legitimate HYIP. Take the money and run scam artists tend to close up shop within 6 months or so, when the money coming in diminishes and the demands for late pay outs increases.
  • If you discover a program that has been running for longer than one year then you have most likely found a winner!

Good luck and be very careful. Find out what is legal and what isn’t before committing to any HYIP program.

Success Strategy“The biggest barrier between where you are right now and where you want to be in life, is in taking action each day to work on the activities that will move you closer to achieving your ultimate goals.”

Profit Wisely!


To Your Ultimate Success!! 

– Robson Grant 


Income & Earnings Disclaimer

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