Resume Database Mining

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Resume Database Mining

Resume Database Mining: A Little Known Strategy For Recruiting

Have you ever heard of resume database mining before? If not, this little known strategy for MLM recruiting dominance is one that you should look closely at implementing.

The true secret to success is MASSIVE exposure to a group of people who are at least minimally qualified to look at your business, and that doesn’t necessarily mean your warm market.

You can  search for qualified candidates at employment sites.

At first glance you would think that going to or one of the other Job Directory sites would be a waste of time since the majority of people that post resumes there are looking for traditional employment. This is a bad assumption.

There are MILLIONS of resumes posted on employment sites and, believe it or not, there are enough of them that would actually put in their experience and/or interests in sales, MLM or network marketing etc.

Wouldn’t it be nice to talk to people who are actually open to a network marketing opportunity so much so that they put it on their resume? Well, that’s a reality with the technique of resume database mining.

You can join an employment site for a monthly fee (which may have to be a co-op with a few others to keep the cost down) and gain access to their entire database or search for free resume database listings  (some are listed below).

Your search options enable you to do a broad search (i.e. sales, marketing, business owners, entrepreneurs, etc.) or you can narrow it down to a very tight window (i.e. network marketing, home business, etc.) so that you get the most out of your search.

Once you find the mountain of resumes that fit what you’re searching for, you can then begin your hunt in much the same way that a head hunter or executive recruiter would. What that means is, each one of the resumes posted has a way for you to directly contact the potential prospect whether it’s a direct email or a phone number to call. Either way, if you are diligent and focused on “mining” through the resumes you will have more leads than you have time to go through.

On the MLM recruiting results alone, I think this strategy is worth learning and mastering soo if you want to take your recruiting to the next level, consider resume database mining. It’s power is undeniable and the results are definitely worth the effort.

Free Resume Databases


Indeed Resume

Jobvertise Free Resume Database

Placement India

You can also do a generic search for resumes, resume databases, jobs, recruiting, employment sites etc. via your favorite search engine using “Advanced Search Operators“.

How to Find Resumes on the Internet with Google

Go to Google, Bing or Yahoo and enter “Resume Search” with quotes. Many Resume databases include an advanced search options where you can narrow down your industry focus.

You will find an unlimited supply of resumes that you can “pluck”.

It is highly recommended that you contact prospects by phone as your results will be much higher.

Here is an example email script which can also be adapted as a phone script based on Kraig Wards… FREE Rapid Recruiting System presentation including Resume Data Base Plucking (RDBP)

“Hey {First Name}, it’s {Your Name} here in {Your City}, {Your State} and I’m writing you about your resume.

I’ve reviewed it thoroughly and can see you’ve got a solid history in Pharmaceutical Sales.

As you may have heard, there’s a huge underground movement of reps who are leaving the “sickness” industry in favor in the “wellness” industry; because the options that exist these days are more abundant than ever and one of the things I do is help people make that transition smoothly.

Now I can’t help everyone , and honestly I’m not sure if this is even of interest to you, but based on what I saw on your resume, chances are that at the very least, you’d benefit from the information I’ve put together for you to review.

I’ve created a short 24/7 Free Recorded Message for you that will bring you up to speed in case you’ve been out of the loop. The number to call is 123-456-7890, extension 1122. If what you hear makes sense, leave me a message at the end of the recording, and I’ll call you back., If it’s not your thing, no harm done. It’s a free call anyway.

But from what I’ve read, you’re clearly a top performer and I think we can agree that you owe it to yourself to understand all your options. Talk soon.

Short Form Example

Subj. Your Resume


After reviewing your resume, based on your experience, I thought you might be interested in a career in online sales.

There is no cost to review.

If you have any questions after you watch the video presentation, I’m here to help!




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