Robson’s 3 Step Study Guide Revealed

Robson's 3 Step Study Guide RevealedRobson’s simple 3 step study guide is for all students who don’t like to study but want to achieve higher grades.

I developed this process for myself because my memory isn’t always the best and because I have a very active imagination which tends to make my thoughts wander.

This study guide was created taking into consideration, Edgar Dale’s ‘We Remember’ statistics.

10% of what we read
20% of what we hear
30% of what we see
50% of what we see and hear
70% of what we discuss with others
80% of what we personally experience
95% or what we teach others
– Edgar Dale

Step #1 – PAY VERY CLOSE ATTENTION IN CLASS and write down rough but legible notes during class (using a pen and paper – important!). The key here is to focus your full and undivided attention without distractions to what is being taught and to fully comprehend what is being taught. If you don’t understand or comprehend the subject matter, ask questions until you do understand. It is much easier to remember concepts and facts that you fully understand.

LOOK + LISTEN + FOCUS in class. (very important!)
Take rough but legible notes.

Rough Notes

Step #2 – Recap at Night, (*same day – important!) in a separate new dedicated notebook, re-write your short form rough notes including more details and do more research on the topic if needed for increased clarity.

TIP: *Highlight and underline important and factual information that you think you might be tested on, on the final exam! 😉

Here is a real life example of my neat(er) notes I created in my barracks room at military college at night after mess hall dinner for a class on the building blocks of digital computer theory.

Step #3 – Tiny Study Notes,  During the week before the exam, on one single page of white paper, review your neat notes page by page, and in a condensed – very fine print, fit all of the most important and factual information all on only one page.

Finally, simply review your one-page prep notes the night before bed (important! because during your REM sleep phase, you will create fresh neural networks in your brain), then again during breakfast the day of your final exam and if you have time, right before the final exam and SHA-ZAM – you will have retained a much higher percentage  information and in turn, achieve your goal of higher grades!

Example of tiny one-page final exam study notes.
Example of one-page final exam ‘tiny study notes’.

This is how I was able to successfully complete my technical training in the Military to ultimately become an IE (Instrumental Electrician) Tech Level 5 . To view my diplomas, visit my about page.

Final Words – Live by The Golden Rule – If you understand the topic of study, help others in your class who are struggling and in turn, you will benefit and “remember 95% of what we teach others” – Edgar Dale.

I hope you benefit from this information.

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