Scarcity To Abundance – Mark Passio

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Mark gave this short presentation at the Why Tesla Matters Memorial Conference, hosted by the Tesla Science Foundation on January 6, 2013. Mark spoke about the main reasons why humanity has not manifested Free Energy technology in any way that is open and beneficial to our species.

Recorded and edited by Tim Smith of Signs Of The Time Media.

Video Transcript


okay everyone I’m mark passio of what on

earth is happening dot com welcome and

thank you all for being here today

thanks for the Tesla Science Foundation

for inviting me to speak at this great

conference my presentation is going to

be fast moving and hard-hitting so strap

yourself in and let’s get started

it’s called scarcity to abundance what

will it take to make Tesla’s dream a reality

and this presentation may be a little

bit hard for some people to hear today

not everybody may be ready for it and

that’s okay I’m going to say the things

I’m going to say anyway and perhaps they

will be seeds that will perhaps sprout

and grow at a future time this is the

goal that we’re all here for we say that

we want free energy and I emphasize the

word say because there’s oftentimes a

lot of opposition between our thoughts

and our actions what we will do to make

that reality actually come about and

manifest itself so this is what we want

we want to do away with the current

unsustainable control the energy

paradigm okay I call it the scarcity

paradigm it’s controlled energy it’s

ecologically polluting and unsustainable

it’s based in the fear of scarcity it

perpetuates dependency it is maintained

by violence exploitation and imperialism

it promotes the separation worldview

that nature is ours to conquer it

stagnates human evolutionary progression

it’s completely immoral because it is in

opposition to spiritual law and it will

ultimately lead to total slavery for

humanity if we do not dissuade from

going down this course conversely we can

give birth to the free energy paradigm

or the paradigm of abundance which is green and

it creates empowerment through abundance

it promotes independence it is based in

genuine power because when there is no

scarcity that obviates the need for

aggression to control resources it

promotes the integral world view that we

are a part of the balance of nature we

are a part of nature we do not own it to

exploit it promotes human evolutionary

progression it is moral which means that

it is in harmony with spiritual law with

the laws of morality and it ultimately

will lead to true freedom for Humanity

let’s see part of the problem is that a

lot of people want to put the cart

before the horse so to speak you can

look at Tesla as the cart and the true

understanding of freedom as the horse

that has to lead the way to bring that

new and sustainable energy paradigm into

manifestation so what is the problem why

don’t we have free energy what is

holding us back from it well this is the

part that may be difficult for a lot of

people to hear you know why don’t we

have all of the wonderful innovations

that Tesla envisioned why aren’t we

operating on a wireless world you know

not on fossil fuels and the dependency

that goes along with it

you know why hasn’t Tesla’s vision for

the future already come about it’s not

because we don’t have the technology to

do it or the know-how okay there’s

another deeper much more deeply seeded

psychological reason that we have not

given birth to this new energy paradigm

yet and Tesla can give us a hint as to

you know what we really need to

understand he said that peace can only

come as a natural consequence of

universal enlightenment now people have

a different idea of what enlightenment

means and I’m gonna hope to shed some light

on that I’d like to say that free energy

can only come as a natural consequence

of the universal spiritual enlightenment

and again that’s the state that we have

to create internally first before we’re

ever going to manifest the external

reality that when say we want to see

that that is our claim things need to

change in order for that to happen but

what in fact needs to change deeply-held

belief systems need to change there

needs to be a paradigm shift a way of

seeing the world needs to go away and a

new way of seeing the world needs to be

born into existence within each one of

us that is a paradigm shift or an

ascension in human consciousness coming

out of darkness and rising into the

light a paradigm shift has requirements

it does not magically just take place

there is will and effort that is

involved okay so what are these

requirements what in fact must change

here’s where the the difficulty is going

to be coming in for some people here in

the audience today there are two world

religions universal religions I call

them that are ultimately holding

humanity back from the manifestation of

free energy for free energy to emerge

these religions must be completely

abandoned completely abandoned and

people may be very shocked when they

hear what these religions in fact are

because it is not what you think it’s

not what you are thinking of as religion

and in that sense we need to define what

I mean by the word religion religion is

a system of control that is based in an

unchallenged dogmatic belief system

religion as a word the etymology of the

word comes from the Latin language the word religion

the verb religare in Latin means to tie back to

hold back to thwart from forward

progress or to bind by tying okay so

what is in fact being held back is the

progress of our understanding of the way

the laws of the universe actually worked

we were being held back from an

understanding of truth and the the

progress is is all in the mind that is

being held back we are being mentally

and psychologically held back this is

the first religion the universal world

religion known as money money is a

belief based system of control that is

built upon the fear of scarcity which is

purposely designed to limit access to

energy that is what money is designed

for it is designed to limit access to

energy so that we operate on a scarcity

mindset and worldview instead of one

that is based in abundance that is the

first Universal world religion that

almost every being on this planet

believes in unquestioningly the second

world religion the universal world

religion that is almost as universally

believed in as money is the erroneous

concept known as Authority Authority is

an illusion of a diseased human psyche

that is based entirely in violence and

is built upon the erroneous and dogmatic

belief that some people are masters who

have the moral right to issue commands

while other people are slaves who have a

moral obligation to obey these masters

that is the religion known as Authority

and it is a false religion the world

religions money and authority this is

the structure that it represents

it’s a hierarchical compartmentalize

structure in which we are ruled by the

god known as money below that

people who say we rule you the

authoritarians below that the people who

say we fool you these are the people who

propagate standard traditional world

religions and New Age movement and below

that the people who shoot at us if we

disagree with the authoritarian

religions and below that the people who

profit off of it and think that it’s all

okay for this immoral violence to

continue unabated and below them all the

people who uphold the system through

their actual energy and work this is the

system of the world ladies and gentlemen

whether you recognize that or not there

it is and that is what is taking place

this authoritarianism that is inherent

to the humanity’s current worldview and

social structure is completely

antithetical that means diametrically

opposed to the rights and freedoms of

the individual those who have become

bound to an authoritarian worldview

gradually lose their ability to display

free thinking engage in civic discourse

and even be able to envisage

the notion of true freedom the

imagination is stifled and they cannot

even envision a way out of their current

trap through fear scarcity and our own

acquiescence these two Universal false

religions keep us rooted into the base

brain they keep us in the reptile brain

below the lower brain which is the brain

stem and cerebellum this is all fight or

flight mechanisms okay

pure survival the reptile brain we are

not operating from a place of emotions

or empathy let alone a place of higher

order thinking and reason which is

brought about by the balance of the

human brain or the neocortex

that’s what scarcity ultimately does it

keeps us in the reptilian complex of the

mind in such a fear-based and

fight-or-flight state of consciousness

humanity has become collective

incapable of truly creative and

liberating thinking which is also known

as human imagination we are operating in

a cage for the mind collectively and we

need to get out of it

adherence to the religions of money and

authority blocked the implementation of

Tesla’s work and here are three of

Tesla’s main funders Nathan Rothschild

of the Rothschild dynasty JP Morgan of

course who funded the Wardenclyffe

project along with John Jacob Astor one

of Tesla’s other main financier who as

we all know pulled their funding when

Tesla wanted to do something that was

truly liberating for Humanity that these

Psychopaths could not control but

you-know-who who followed those orders

those orders came down to military men

followers of orders who decided on those

orders to destroy the Wardenclyffe tower

so that could not be studied and

understood further and preserved for

posterity and hopefully be activated at

some future point so that we could

really move into a sustainable future as

far as energy was concerned order

followers did that adherence to the

religion authority to this day adherents

of the religions of money and

authorities still block the

implementation of Tesla’s work and they

don’t care who they have to exploit or

even if they have to destroy the very

living dynamic energy system upon which

we all depend for life called the earth

itself you know profit above people

profit above the earth to this day these

adherents are polluting the very system

upon which we all depend for life

continuously and we’re letting them do

it you know how quickly we forget about

things like the Gulf oil spill as soon

as the media stops talking about it we

have such a short attention span see

it’s all about profit all about

worshipping at the altar of Mammon and

that’s where they want us they want us

in their mindset they want to give us a

watered-down version of the way that the

psychopaths at the top level think you

know if you’re saying is what I’m

basically saying this is a conspiracy

absolutely I’m saying that but I’m not

here to talk about the people who are

ultimately in charge of that worldwide

conspiracy you know that’s a whole other

lecture entirely I’m talking about the

systems of belief in the bulk of

humanity that prop it up and make it

able to continue to go on unchallenged

that’s true for the majority of the

people of this world as painful as it is

you know and and if that’s what our God

is expect to remain in a cage for a long

long time is if you put that God over

the universal God of all creation then

my personal opinion is that we deserve

what we get and we don’t deserve

anything better than what we have right

now as long as that remains our highest

value system imperialism this is what

the worshipers of the religion of

authority those who worship at the altar

of authority and our order followers you

know if you don’t believe that this

slide is true and this is what we’re

really doing and that we’re attacking

other nations to take resources because

we think we should have it at their

expense you know I think you’re a very

naive person if you don’t think that’s

the main motivating factor personally

worshiping at the altars of money and

authority most so-called modern science

is being used to perpetually control

greed and hegemony rather than what

Tesla wisely told us that science should

be used for the betterment of humanity

you know it’s about making more

effective weapons of destruction and

controlling people through media and

food and surveillance systems etc that’s

the cutting edge of science today not

the betterment of humanity and using it for liberating

purposes unfortunately you know I think

if Tesla was here and I I do believe

that Tesla is here in spirit absolutely

I think he would be telling us one thing

and he would say it in two words he

would say get out and he would mean get

out of the mind-control get out of the

head cage get out of the systems of

illusory belief that do not serve who we are

that’s what Tesla’s message would be if

he were here today he would tell us that

until we come together in a universal

spirit of enlightenment and oneness and

get out of the separation worldview and

get out of these completely illusory

religions that have owned our minds for

thousands of years we’re never going to

have his implementation of free energy

or any other implementation of free

energy for that matter and if we ever

want to see this headline come true what

we altered that we need to do is turn

within look within ask ourselves do our

systems of belief serve who we are and

what we say we want or are we an

internal opposition to what we say we

want through what’s going on in here and

in here and with that being said I think

Tesla would have told every one of us

that it is all up to the individual the

answer lies in the reflection that you

see in that device that’s where the answer lies

ultimately what we each need to do is

look within ourselves develop a newfound

sense of self-respect and free our minds

when we do that the stars are the limit

ladies and gentlemen thank you very much

for your kind of sense

thank you

one more thing what they weren’t asked

mark what hell every year conference

three or mine

can you give us a few sure yeah nick is

talking about the conference that I

helped to co-host I’m one of the

co-hosts of the free your mind

conference we held it back in 2011 in

Philadelphia we’re going to be having

another huge conference in Philadelphia

it’s called free your mind – it’s coming

up April 25th 26th and 27th at the Arch

Street meeting house in the historic

district of Philadelphia we’re going to

be bringing 24 speakers in from all over

the country I have tons of fliers out in

that in the foyer pick one up on your

way out see me see barb or Tim we have

flyers for you and we hope to see you at

the freer line conference in the

meantime check out my website what on

earth is happening dot-com and the

conference’s website is free your mind

conference calm thank you


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