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Social Media Marketing System

All search engine optimization (SEO) starts with great content. The first step to generate more website traffic is to create engaging content that others will want to share. It all starts with a great headline. Be sure to check our our “Food For Thought” and 100 Hypnotic Headlines on our Classified Ads page.

Blog posts that provide solutions, share valuable resources, entertain and demonstrate unique innovation or even create controversy can all generate viral traffic. Average content won’t cut it. It needs to be outstanding.

Below you will discover powerful ways to distribute your content.

Although we highly recommend and a self-hosted WordPress Blog, will work with all Blog RSS Feeds including Blogger and IBOToolbox.

Dlvrit is a social content optimization platform. Our tools enable publishers, marketers and businesses to intelligently engage and grow social audiences by delivering their most compelling content to the right people at the right time.

How works pulls content from any of your existing feeds and intelligently formats and delivers it to your social networks.’s platform connects your social content* to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and many more social networks.

*social content = stories, blog posts, updates, photos, videos, jokes, ideas, entertainment, advertisements, deals, information, and anything else that can be shared online.

Vital statistics

  • Over 1 billion items delivered daily
  • Delivering social content to over 225 million socially active readers
  • Takes less than 1 minute to get started

Social Content is King

Content is the fuel of the social web. People engage socially because they crave social content and updates relevant to their passions, friends, family, geography and professional network.

People connect and build relationships by engaging and sharing social content. They curate and personalize their streams to engage, discover, and click through to outside content that is cool and relevant. And while they are consuming the torrent of updates from their friends and colleagues they are primed to learn, engage and share the most relevant and timely content.

In all, people spend more than half of their online time with content and an additional 30% in places where content can be shared. In the new world of social media, content truly is king.

Post your blog to facebook, twitter, linkedin and more.

Distribute. – Effortlessly post content to your social networks. Fast, easy set up and management of multiple content sources and outputs.

Measure. – Measure audience engagement and reach across your social networks. Quantify the impact of retweets and mentions on your audience size.

Grow. -Promote audience participation and growth with real-time (PuSH) updates, search friendly posts, and content targeting to specific social nets. Features Features Homepage


Since I created this page, I discovered IFTTT – (If This Then That) which in my opinion is much better than

Buffer – A Smarter Way To Share Your Social Media

Buffer is free for up to 10 posts per social media account per day with 3 accounts connected. (that’s a total of 30 posts per day! Earn extra free posts by referring others) Go Awesome Unlimited available for $10 per month.

Join Here get an extra post free! (11) Our way of saying you rock!!!


Buffer - A Smarter Way To Share Social Media

BufferApp Dashboard

If you refer others, you can get extra space for your posts in Buffer for free!

Get extra features for free!

Buffer Homepage

Also see our Facebook List Funnel page.

Create Viral Social Share Links for Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+


Remove space after http://_



https:// &hashtags=YOURTWITTERNAME&url=

http:// & source= YOURWEBSITENAME

DEMO LINKS: to help you improve YOU and Your Business!  & With to help you improve YOU and Your Business!  & source=

OR use one of the handy tools below…

Other Handy Social Media Marketing Tools

Social Media Bar allows you to customize how your links share on Facebook and other places. You can change the title, description, and use a custom thumbnail.

HREF Share Easily create “tweet this” or “post that on Facebook” links
with custom content and your URL inside. For free.

Share Link Generator Create Facebook share links, Twitter “tweet this” links, and Google Plus share links that will work anywhere (even in emails!).

Clicktotweet is the best, easiest and simplest way to promote and advertise your stuff on Twitter.

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Misc Social Media Tools

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