The Most Dangerous Superstition


What you read in this book will, in all likelihood, go directly against what you have been
taught by your parents and your teachers, what you have been told by the churches, the
media and the government, and much of what you, your family and your friends have
always believed. Nonetheless, it is the truth, as you will see if you allow yourself to
consider the issue objectively. Not only is it the truth, it also may be the most important
truth you will ever hear.

More and more people are discovering this truth, but to do so, it is necessary to look past
many preconceived assumptions and deeply ingrained superstitions, to set aside one’s
life-long indoctrination, and to examine some new ideas fairly and honestly. If you do
this, you will experience a dramatic change in how you view the world. It will almost
certainly feel uncomfortable at first, but in the long run it will be well worth the effort.
And if enough people choose to see this truth, and embrace it, not only will it drastically
change the way those people see the world; it will drastically change the world itself, for
the better.

But if such a simple truth could change the world, wouldn’t we all already know about it,
and wouldn’t we have put it into practice long ago? If humans were purely a race of
thinking, objective beings, yes. But history shows that most human beings would literally
rather die than objectively reconsider the belief systems they were brought up in. The
average man who reads in the newspaper about war, oppression and injustice will wonder
why such pain and suffering exists, and will wish for it to end. However, if it is suggested
to him that his own beliefs are contributing to the misery, he will almost certainly dismiss
such a suggestion without a second thought, and may even attack the one making the

So, reader, if your beliefs and superstitions – many of which you did not choose for
yourself, but merely inherited as unquestioned “hand-me-down” beliefs – matter to you
more than truth and justice, then please stop reading now and give this book to someone
else. If, on the other hand, you are willing to question some of your long-held,
preconceived notions if doing so might reduce the suffering of others, then read this
book. And then give it to someone else.

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