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WARNING: Always use a link cloaker or another domain name or sub-domain when ever you post your link online! This can protect you from getting your affiliate account(s) shut down in the event that somebody cries spam!

Link cloakers help you hide your affiliate program link from your visitors. If it’s too obvious that your link is an affiliate link, people might not click on it or they might go straight to the main url of the link. This means you will not receive a commission from these users even though you were the one who referred them. To solve this problem you can cloak or shorten your link.

Mask Your Affiliate Link

We highly recommend that you mask your affiliate. To do this you will simply create a sub-domain name and then redirect it to your affiliate link.

WARNING: It has come to our attention that link cloakers may not always work 100% of the time. Always extensively test your link cloaker to make sure it is working correctly. The best way to protect your affiliate link and retain ownership is to use create a subdomain extension and redirect within cloud servers web hosting account. You can purchase your own domain name from NameSilo and use it for your main squeeze page, website or blog.

Other Cloaking Options

We do not recommend third party cloaking services such as tinyurl or goo.gl because they place a confirmation page and sometimes other pages in between your shortened link and destination and can disable and block your shortened links at any time rendering all of your hard work and effort wasted.

Free WordPress Plugin

Easy Affiliate Links – Easily manage and cloak all your affiliate links.


Xenu’s Link Sleuth – Find broken links on your websites.


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