Who Built The Matrix

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hey there’s Garth Ike is the living proof that good voices are not genetic because he don’t get it from me I’ve been known to clear a room with karaoke ah okay ah we’re going to go to some strange places now this is Christian early judeo-christian early if we can really understand the problem the answer will come out of it because the answer is not a separate from the problem what you kind of get is people are like what you might call the New Age arena I’ve had over the years so your son speak about that he’s negative well I don’t think you know knowledge is negative ignorance is negative because when you’re in ignorance of what the problem is then you can’t do anything about it so I think knowing what’s going on is quite important but in this section we are going to go into some strange places to say the least just to reiterate the problem we’ve got disconnected from the full magnitude of who we are isolated in the five senses thanks to the bamboozle that’s been set up to holders in perceptual servitude and created the madhouse and now the question is who’s behind it or what’s behind it and this is where we go into some strange places this is a lovely quote every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world that’s the program and it’s a big mistake if we’re going to understand what’s going on in the world especially when we come to this bit which is how do we get there – this hunger game society total human control we hide the real controllers which is what has been happening through known human history who is the spider what is this force and source that’s driving all this well it ain’t them here today gone tomorrow politicians different parties same party doesn’t matter it’s not them no one whoever does this job even as the so called President of the United States the most powerful man in the world yeah okay yep I’ll believe you nor is it even the corporations and a lot of people say it’s the corporation’s it’s not the corporations are not the origin of this control and this centralization of power they are a vehicle for it not the spider and it’s no one who’s sitting around a table apparently making the decisions in the public eye those you see are only Gophers for those you don’t see you can go deeper into the rabbit hole away from the people you see into the advisers it’s not them either you can go even deeper into the rabbit hole and you can find the Rothschilds and people like that we are the Rothschilds you don’t see us but we control your life well yes but only on one level they’re not the origin either so who is the spider what is the driving force Mark Twain said truth is stranger than fiction because fiction is obliged to stick to perceived possibilities truth isn’t the truth doesn’t change because you don’t want to hear it and the postage stamp consensus is currently in an ambulance heading for the emergency because it’s heard what I’m going to say next and this is as far off that postage stamp that you could possibly imagine so it’s in intensive care until I finished so are we ready are we ready who is the spider this takes us into this next level of the art of the the rabbit hole which is a level of non-human intelligence which is ultimately while say ultimately there might be levels beyond that ultimately as we see it now behind what’s going on in the world all these different areas of human society of control or secret societies politics banking Satanism pedophilia military media religion it all in the end ends up leading to one place which is this spider this for which is not human okay yes I can understand that to an extent I have a question but hold on a minute we live in an electromagnetic spectrum that’s no point naught naught 5% of what exists in the universe so mainstream science says and we can only see a tiny fraction visible light of that electromagnetic spectrum of norborne or 5% if you take the projected size of the universe according to mainstream science then the earth by comparison is one billionth of a pinhead I think I feel it in me water I think there’s other life out there other than us I honestly I do I do i I’m convinced this is again it’s like take a deep breath look at it again it’s freaky and obvious it’s like do you think the Sun affects our temperature okay our consciousness this is some Barnard car professor of mathematics and astronomy at Queen Mary University of London our consciousness interacts with another dimension our physical senses only show us a three-dimensional universe what exists in the higher dimensions are entities we cannot touch with our physical senses they’re on different frequencies and these non-human manipulators visitors from other dimensions of reality have been described in many in various ways by different cultures all over the world the serpent gods chitta hoary and the Zulu Billie system the children of the serpent the Anunnaki Sumer Babylon snake brothers Hopi star people many in various they’re called demons in Christianity interdimensional entities the Gnostic people are come to in a second called them archons and the Islamic or actually the pre-islamic world where it originated from called them jinn and these are entities either that are manifesting within our reality are visible like frequency band or manipulating from outside of that visual frequency of perception and the different ways I say different ways this common ways that they are described many of them very very compelling in different cultures and belief systems they are clearly describing the same force like the archons in the Gnostic belief system as they call them they said of the archons they were made from luminous fire and they kind of create with luminous fire and the Djinn say are said by the Islamic world to be made from smokeless fire and the way that they are described they’re clearly describing the same entities the same force now the Gnostics I’ve got very interested in them in the last few years the Gnostics were not a race they are even a people they were a belief system they were a perception system and whenever they got into a place and started to communicate this perception this knowledge it’s what gnosis means knowledge but a certain kind of knowledge they were persecuted by the Roman Church who sent the boys in so it was the Gnostic perception system that was running the great or royal library at Alexandria in Egypt this fantastic depository of ancient knowledge and ancient historical awareness knowledge which was destroyed in in pieces in sections in a sequence over a period by the Roman Church and the the most significant one the most talked about one happened around 400 AD just after and the the Gnostics when you see what they were saying you can see why the Roman Church wanted to destroy them and the Cathars in southern France were also in the same way Gnostic thinkers they had a perception of the universe that was what they’re not the Gnostic belief system and the Roman Church sent the boys in again in stages and eventually destroy them in the public arena at the siege of the castle of Mont Segur in 1244 now it seemed that what the Gnostics believed had been lost at the detail of anyway but then in 1945 a sealed jar was found earthen jar at a place called nag Hammadi about 7080 miles north of Luxor on them on the Nile in Egypt and in that jar was found to be a pack of writings codices manuscripts that were put there by the Gnostics that it’s estimated around 400 AD which kind of wood would sink with the destruction of the Great Library of Alexandria which was around 4:15 I think as I recall ad and so suddenly there were writings which describe what the Gnostics believed in detail and they had the great benefit or because they were in an earthen jar all that time they what they couldn’t like other religious writings and be played with and changed to fit the the authority of the day and one fifth of these writings found at nag Hammadi talk about something they call the archons just their name it’s it’s a word means rule that’s why they call them that um and they said that they were manipulating human society from the unseen and were responsible for basically creating the world of what we call physicality now what I found fascinating from my point of view about the NAG Hammadi writings he said I came to them quite late on just a few years ago which was very important for me because if I’d have come across them earlier they can can become a one-stop-shop belief system which they have for some people but by the time I came across them and read them in detail I’d come to conclusions as a result of decades of so when I’m reading them I’m thinking well this is unbelievable to me because this is what they’re saying is what I’ve concluded it was a confirmation a very detailed confirmation of what I concluded was going on and in these NAG Hammadi writings they describe something called the silence what I would call and even Alexander would call the dazzling darkness the silence what I experienced the the the place of all potential all possibility the field of possibility and probability waiting to manifest the silence and I experienced it as the silence so I can understand where that word came from and the other thing about these ancient writings and writings like the in religion and in ancient cultures is they were they only had as I said earlier the symbols and analogies that fitted the Society of the time they didn’t have computers you know they didn’t have Wi-Fi fields and so what we’re what we’re looking at our descriptions using the the symbols of the time we can now update them but what the Gnostics also called the silence was the father of all they were trying to get across in a simple way the creator of all not a man with a beard on on a throne the creative force of all the father of all and this is from one of the NAG Hammadi texts talking about this silence he is an incomprehensible one but it is he who comprehends all and nothing exists outside of him but all exists within him and he is boundary to them all as he encloses them all and they are all within him there is no place outside of him describing all that is has been and ever can be the force that drives all things but they said and this is so the really massively relevant part to the world that we live in they said that the silence would they create a force but there was a fake God which had created this reality that we call they call the physical world they said the physical world is a prison created by an evil fake God spirit awareness as I would call it is entrapped in the body salvation escape from this entrapment comes from knowledge or gnosis of self and reality and gnosis is knowledge yes but it’s it’s not knowledge names dates places knowledge it’s knowledge of reality and how it works that kind of knowledge and they said the kingdom is invisible which is true because that which is beyond this reality is invisible to us everything else that exists now this physical word world prison that they describe in their language I call the simulation we update it into modern language they said that this force was this evil fake God had had created and was responsible for the world we live in at a physical level and for entrapping people in the physical world and they had various names for this fake god one of them was the Demiurge another one was yelled obey off it’s also called samayal this is the origin of Satan the devil and they said in these writings that the Old Testament God Yahweh Jehovah was it was the Old Testament name for this fake God which also was called in the writings Lord Ark on the again where we get this whole theme of the Lord from in the Old Testament now you can see the correlation between the NAG Hammadi writings and their belief system which hadn’t been touched while it was in that sealed jar and what you see in the Bible one of the NAG Hammadi writings says talking about this fake God I’ll call it Demiurge opening his eyes the chief Archon saw a vast quality a quantity of matter without limit and he became arrogant saying it is I who am God and there is no other power apart from me and then if you go to Isaiah in the Old Testament I am the Lord and there is none else there is no God beside me the correlations are quite blatant between the two so they neither Marty Gnostic writings described this Demiurge this prime force of manipulation as the blind wand blind to the spiritual world disconnected from the greater picture but understanding certain levels of reality in a way that it could manipulate and control now this this fake God this Demiurge they described the archons as the formless ones we’re not talking about something in form we’re talking about a state of awareness a very highly distorted state of awareness an imbalanced inverted state of awareness or inverted frequency from which it seeks to pull everything into that same Distortion now a perception can be a panorama so you see this vast panorama or you can be in a pitch-black room it’s still a perception but it’s a completely different perception and this the distorted perceptual state that they call the Demiurge or the archons is a state of awareness that is without harmony without wisdom without heart without empathy all the things that the people running this world don’t have and there’s a reason for that we’ll come to now one of the things we need to get away from is the fact that life consciousness awareness has to have two arms two legs the torso and a head that’s just one form of vehicle for awareness you can have pure awareness you can have expanded awareness you can have heart centered awareness or you can have what we call evil awareness which is a vast distortion of harmony so some scientists now are looking at this whole idea what pertains to be life in a different way this is a mainstream headline is alien life everywhere radical theory claims it may become have become part of the fabric of the universe he was talking about maybe our laws of physics are actually this this kind of alien consciousness so we we starting to get away from this idea of you know the human form is the only way that a leech and your life can operate it can’t and I watched the whole series of this called through the wormhole fronted up by Morgan Freeman on the Science Channel where they were looking at it was mainstream scientist but to be fair they were looking and aren’t asking questions about the big picture the big questions and they were looking with more sympathy on the fact that maybe the postage stamp doesn’t know it all and they asked the question in one edition one program our digital aliens hiding within technological systems because the digital level is also a state of awareness and it’s a state of awareness that can manifest then can make things happen and can take control if it’s in the right arena and this is a guy called Christoph Adame from Michigan State University he said in that program we can define life in terms of informational processes so life and awareness and and and what we call forms of consciousness take many in various expressions infinite expressions and thus we’re not talking ultimately about somebody in a form although they do take form we’re talking about a distorted awareness that’s behind all this so the archons in their base form are a chaotic imbalanced inverted state of awareness thus frequency and the Gnostic writings talk about how the fake God the Demiurge made copies of itself so that are conned Demiurge became the Lord Archon of the archons which were basically like the way I see it anyway it’s like Agent Smith in the matrix it’s a program it’s a software program and there was one of them and then it made loads and loads of copies of itself and there were endless then agent Smith’s all acting the same and looking the same this is the theme that I’m talking about in terms of the archons they were copies of the original distortion so I’m using the word archons here in this section as a name for the many in various expressions of a deeply distorted and inverted awareness because it does take many expressions some of which I’ll come to so the at nag Hammadi writings said of the archons and the the Demiurge Lord Archon icon as I said means Prince ruler authorities and from the beginning they say that they’ve been here from the beginning of this world because they basically were responsible for it they say that the Demiurge is a fake God that created our physical or material reality as we perceive it Gnostics related the Demiurge to the judeo-christian Yahweh Jehovah God and they said that the the the archons were inorganic they did not result in in and and come in what we would call a natural way inorganic not resulting all produced by growth artificial when in our language they saying that this is a form of artificial intelligence by the end of this section that will become very very relevant they described the guardians of the archons as the guardians and the gatekeepers the guardians are the gatekeepers of humanity going into a state of expanded awareness holding them in that lower state of awareness because then they could control them in expanded states of awareness they cannot control and thus they want to stop us from going there the writings say that the archons sought to overpower humanity in its psychological and perceptual functions that’s exactly what I’ve been talking about all day how the manipulation of perception is how the control system works they said the Archon agenda for Humanity is creating fear and slavery well that’s again what I’ve been talking about all day that’s that’s what’s happened since this hijack took place if you look in the Bible you’ll see kind of indications of what I’m talking about here what here’s one for our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against the rulers against the authorities both names that actually mean Archon in that language against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly unseen realms they said in the writings that the Demiurge and the archons have no creative imagination and envy humans because we do they describe them in our language like cyborgs a robotic race that can imitate but not innovate they call it counter mimicry in simple terms if you gave this Archon tech awareness a blank sheet of paper he wouldn’t know what to do with it you couldn’t create on it but you give it something on the paper and it can twist it and manipulate it to suit its its agenda they described how the Archon tech awareness was expert in fantasia creating illusions that the target population think are real they described them as mind parasites that possessed human perceptual processes that they were experts in deception they were called the deceivers and and also an inversion and this is the key they describe them in our language as a form of artificial intelligence a robotic race artificial that’s big-time important like I say later on now the other thing they described in the NAG Hammadi writings is something called hal which in the you know coptic egyptian language they were written in is what we would call simulation creating illusions virtual reality that people believe to be real and how they were experts in it now the Gnostic Gnostics said of the archons they make something appear to happen that does not happen they can induce a virtual reality experience using our language of course and the Islamic and pre-islamic world said of the jinn they can manipulate humans by creating you we’re looking at the same theme here in the same force so in the kingdom of the blind the one-eyed man is king this manipulative force is very very limited in what it can do and what it can create so it has to keep the target population it is actually trying to absorb I’ll get into that at the end of this session into in a lower state of awareness than it’s in and this is a classic description of the situation we’re in in the kingdom of the blind the one-eyed man is king this force is symbolically the one-eyed man and it’s made humans blind so the one-eyed man can control once we become the 2id three-eyed third-eyed human again expanded awareness beyond that it’s over but not until and that means breaking the program and letting go of all these belief systems that hold us in servitude the our contact writings of the Gnostics also say that the archons made a bad copy of the original reality and they say the bad cop is where we are now this world again he’s back bad copy what you’ve what you’re freaking talking about well what am I talking about with a bad copy of original reality I’m back to the simulation what the NASA scientists described when he said the universe as a digital hologram and may have been desired by a nonhuman force well it had to be a designer an argument for see if it wasn’t designed by humans and so we’re looking at this simulation a bad copy what is a what is a computer game a video game a virtual reality game it is a bad copy of this reality in effect we’re talking about the same principle what they say in these writings is that the real world prime reality is described in terms of being the upper Aeons this is the place of spirit this is a place of pure awareness and they say we live in what they call in the writings the lower eons they call it a shadow world which is they say a reflection of the prime reality a poppy a bad copier in other words of that original reality which of course still exists and we can interact with it when we open our five sense minds to consciousness so what we’re looking at we’d you know we’re talking about bad copies and we’re talking about you know different worlds we’re talking about information sources that’s what we’re talking about because just as in this world we we think it’s a world but we are decoding an information source into the world that I’ve described that we think is outside of us but inside of us what happened with this bad copy is one information source was replaced by another the simulation and humans started to decode and experience that the simulation as if it was real because they were decoding it in the same way through the same senses you can decode one information source and then in decode another and your experience is dramatically different but they both seem real Nagamani Tex origin of the world says now the eternal realm the eternal I on the upper Aeon of truth has no shadow outside it for the limitless light is everywhere within it but its exterior is shadow which has been called by the name darkness from it there appeared a force presiding over the darkness and the forces that came into being subsequent to them called the shadow the limitless chaos the word chaos is used again and again to describe the actions of this our contact force which is a chaotic distorted state of awareness yelled obey off the Demiurge in other words these writings say created the lower eons as an image or reflection of the upper eons this is the simulation I’m calling it in relation to the reflection which he saw in it he created the world with a reflection of a reflection he worked at producing the world so what they’re describing is pure awareness in a higher frequency realm of what they call upper yawns the realm of spirit and this reality being a realm of form or matter and they say interestingly that the upper yawns are the realm of no time and the fake reality is the realm of time illusory time so I’m saying they’re describing the simulation the fake reality and you know it’s interesting when you when you look at the matrix the person that created the matrix in the movie was known as the architect well the free Masonic God is known as the Great Architect of the universe and that Gnostics called the Demiurge the Great Architect of the universe they’re describing the force that created this reality not what we call God or infrared awareness the creative force but this distortion created this distorted reality now where is the matrix it’s in our heads it’s in our perceptual decoding system and therefore um if we are locked in only to the frequency of the matrix the matrix has completely got control of our perception of reality when you expand your awareness you still experience the matrix on one level but you can see and perceive beyond it and thus you start to see where you are you started to see the maze now they don’t want us there this is why they’re terrified of this information you

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